Interview with Hu Yutong, Tian Hongjie and Li runqi: never forget the original attitude

 Interview with Hu Yutong, Tian Hongjie and Li runqi: never forget the original attitude

From the very beginning, the Qiyun League was full of drama. Hu Yutong, a six-star drummer who was rejected by folk musicians and cellists, formed a team with lead singer Tian Hongjie. After that, the truck was loaded with Li runqi and Ma Zhe. In the latest program, Zhao Ke finally joined in, and the air transportation alliance finally formed a team.

As for the pop rock style of the air transport alliance, Hu Yutong explained: our definition of popularity is not in style, but in the hope that the songs of our air transport alliance will be heard by more people one day. Rock and roll is actually an attitude. There may be a lot of things that will disturb or affect us in the future, but we hope that the air transport alliance will never forget our initial attitude. We have all said that we will have our own tour in the future, and we will always have several brothers together.

Li runqi is an all-round player. He has more than 200 original works at the age of 19. He has achieved the integration of Ci and song cataloguing. Tian Hongjie praised Xiao Li for great creative power and creative output to the air sports alliance. On the stage of the third public performance, the air sports alliance brought their first original my home. When it comes to creative ideas, Li runqi said: I think the world is sometimes cruel. We need to find sugar in the broken glass, or we need to find some happy things in life.

Every moment with a partner will be a limited memory

To be an orchestra needs to be run in, which also means that there are bound to be trade-offs. Many people hope that Li runqi can show his strength on the stage. Li runqi expressed his thanks for this: I actually thank you very much. I can praise me, but we are doing orchestra as a team work. It is a lot of things to consider. His current goal is to be a good player and do a good job in music for the orchestra.

The air transport truck is loaded with new players, and at the same time, there are also small partners to leave the program. Friends get along with each other day and night. In June, Hu Yutong was surrounded by everyone and had a lively birthday, which was also the most romantic thing in his heart. Although Xiao Li said that the difference is for better reunion, like many people, the three of them also cried bitterly at the end of the mid-term. Hu Yutong sympathized with the hard work of his partners, they cant play more stage, a little heartache. Tian Hongjie said: when we are apart, its not that we will never see anyone again. Its just that in the given time, this memory happened with you, only this time. This memory has been sealed at that point in time.

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