Collision case of Tan songyuns mother: the perpetrators urine test is positive and denies taking drugs

 Collision case of Tan songyuns mother: the perpetrators urine test is positive and denies taking drugs

Red Star News reporter learned from the court trial scene that the defendant Ma was a native of Xuyong, Sichuan Province. He was born on May 14, 1990 and was born in the same year and month with Tan songyun, the daughter of Huang Mou, the victim.

In 2000, Ma was sentenced to two years imprisonment and four years suspension by Xuyong County Peoples court for affray.

Before the crime, Mr. Ma worked in an enterprise in Chongqing and owned a real estate in Chongqing. After the case, the peoples court has sealed up the property under the application of the claimant (victim) for civil compensation incidental to criminal proceedings.

At the scene of the trial on August 31, the peoples Procuratorate of Xuyong County appointed two prosecutors and an assistant prosecutor to appear in court as state prosecutors to support public prosecution. According to the public prosecution, the traffic accident caused by Ma caused a total of one death, one serious injury and one minor injury.

According to the indictment, Tan songyuns mother, Huang, died of severe craniocerebral injury complicated with pulmonary infection and multiple organ failure. Yang and Chen, the other two victims, were friends of Tans mother. At that time, four of her party members were walking on the roadside, but fortunately the other was not injured.

According to the indictment, Ma, the driver of the accident, had a positive urine test. The scene of the trial confirmed that before going to the nightclub to drink beer, the driver Ma and his friends had sung in a KTV in Xuyong county. At the beginning of the investigation by the public security organs, he concealed the experience of singing in KTV.

Tan songyun, born in Luzhou, Sichuan Province, graduated from Beijing Film Academy. She has starred in the TV series in the name of family, etc.

Tan songyun appears in court for her mothers collision case_ NBJS10788

Tan songyun appears in court trial of her mothers collision