Can college students leave school during the mid autumn and National Day holidays? The Ministry of education responded

 Can college students leave school during the mid autumn and National Day holidays? The Ministry of education responded

Teachers are free to go in and out of school, and students are restricted? Misunderstanding caused by information asymmetry

At the same time, do not participate in some gathering activities, especially in places where the air is not in circulation. Therefore, with regard to school gate management, the technical scheme has been made very clear. It is neither closed management nor not allowed to leave the school, but at the same time, various prevention and control measures should be strictly implemented. We demand that the same should be asked of teachers and students in Colleges and universities.

I see some comments that teachers and even other workers are free to enter and leave the school, but students are subject to a lot of restrictions. Wang Dengfeng said that some teachers want to go out, and some workers or service personnel need to go in and out, which may also be necessary and necessary. Students should follow the principle of no going out when not necessary, and teachers and other personnel should also follow the principle of not going out when necessary. However, in terms of management, due to the classification, there may be information asymmetry in the middle, resulting in some misunderstandings.

Wang Dengfeng also said that recently, it has been noted that the requirements for epidemic prevention and control in primary and secondary schools, including colleges and universities, are clearer and more specific than the above-mentioned technical solutions. For example, as for the requirements of wearing masks, the technical proposal is in primary and secondary schools, including kindergartens. After the fall semester, you can not wear masks in the school (of course, there are many premises, including the management of school gate, relatively closed management of primary and secondary schools, strict management and strict registration in Colleges and universities). The requirement of Beijing in this respect is to wear masks u3002

In addition, Wang Dengfeng also mentioned that the management of colleges and universities is consistent with the above-mentioned technical scheme in principle, and the management may be stricter in some places.

As we all know, the situation in the capital is special. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, the Beijing Municipal Party committee and the municipal government, especially the Beijing Municipal Education Working Committee and the Municipal Education Commission, attach great importance to this work. They fully analyzed and judged the situation and requirements of epidemic prevention and control in Beijing, and formulated the requirements for epidemic prevention and control in the autumn semester in accordance with the requirements of the central government and the national expectation of the capital It is in line with the actual situation of Beijing. We encourage all localities to increase or decrease the technical proposal based on their own actual situation, the requirements of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the environment, geographical location, personnel flow and various aspects of epidemic prevention and control elements, so as to put forward the standards and requirements that meet the local, local and individual epidemic prevention and control. Wang Dengfeng said he hoped that this work could be properly handled under the leadership of local Party committees and governments and in accordance with the principle of territorial management.

Can college students leave school during the mid autumn and National Day holidays?

Whether college students can leave school during the Mid Autumn Festival and National Day holidays is also a hot issue. In response to this, Wang Dengfeng, in response to a reporters question at the press conference, said that in fact, the management of the National Day holiday is the same as that of Saturday, Sunday and after class.

Some schools may make it clear that the school has just started, and there is a time limit for epidemic prevention and control. For example, colleges and universities in Beijing should hold a valid nucleic acid test certificate within seven days before students return to school. If you leave the campus on the National Day holiday and go abroad, you may have to go through such a procedure when you come back. Therefore, schools should make reasonable arrangements according to the actual situation and the requirements of the current epidemic prevention and control, Wang Dengfeng said.

At the same time, Wang Dengfeng also said that one size fits all is not encouraged, but every prevention and control measure should be in place.

The premise is to ensure the normal order of campus education and teaching. Wang Dengfeng said: we have made some management regulations and requirements for the prevention and control of the epidemic situation. First, we should adjust measures to local conditions. On the other hand, all of us should understand and accept them. Only in this way can we jointly achieve the goal of controlling the epidemic situation and ensuring the normal order of education and teaching.

In addition, some parents reported that some colleges and universities require students to do nucleic acid testing before returning to school, but the implementation of each school is not quite the same. Some schools say that they will reimbursement for the cost of testing, some schools require students to test themselves, and the school is not responsible for reimbursement; in the physical examination of freshmen, some schools organize physical examination, and some schools let students go for physical examination by themselves. In response to this, Wang Dengfeng responded to the surging news that the Ministry of education has not made unified requirements in these aspects, which are decided by the local schools according to the actual situation.

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