The box office of eight hundred is nearly 2 billion. Does anyone else not recognize him?

 The box office of eight hundred is nearly 2 billion. Does anyone else not recognize him?

Zhu Shengzhong, in particular, is impressive.

Wide shoulders, small head, straight waist, half open button, showing tight muscle lines, hormone explosion.

Zhu Shengzhong, who is resolute, ruffian and like a madman, occasionally has a sense of quiet fragility, which makes the role more plump and charming.

The makeup on the face layer by layer, the rougher the better.

On the other hand, there are such powerful actors as Zhang Yi, Jiang Wu and Wang Qianyuan. Wei Chen needs a greater emotional transmission, so he feels more pressure.

Under the guidance of director Guan Hu, Wei Chen learned to let go of himself, went into the warehouse and yelled, raised his hand and shot.

Such a role is very different from Wei Chens own character, and also different from all the roles he has played in the past.

During the filming period, when he usually spoke in a low voice, he began to become loud and fast. Relatives and friends were surprised by his change.

After his own part of eight hundred was finished, Wei Chen would return to the crew from time to time and sit beside and watch other people filming.

Too much into selflessness, for a time, it is difficult to get out of the role, Wei Chen himself also said that this is the most attentive play.

Fortunately, the result is satisfactory.

Unrecognized is ridicule and praise in another way.

Especially for the talent stars like Wei Chen, it has always been their desire to erase peoples inherent impression.

In 2007, only 21-year-old Wei Chen signed up for Happy Mens voice and entered the public eye.

With her tall figure, beautiful baby face, and clean and sunny neighborhood boy temperament, Wei Chen gained a high popularity and finally won the second place in that year.

The company intends to build him into a movie and TV song multi habitat, all-round development of the new idol.

In 2008, he, Zhang Xiaochen and Yu Shasha played the southern corner in the drama struggle adapted from the TV series.

It was his first time in a drama, with exaggerated body language and facial expressions, which brought about an inexplicable comic effect.

Although the play was spun out by many netizens, it failed to make complaints about 3% of the TV ratings.

At that time, some audiences were thinking about Wei Chens future as an actor, but he was more willing to put more energy into the stage.

Chen Chusheng, the champion at that time, was good at original folk songs. The second runner up was R & B style. Zhang Jie, the fourth runner up, had nothing to say about his singing skills. In the middle of them, Wei Chens singing strength was not so strong that he could not help being questioned as a vase.

It happened that the company cooperated with Korean company and sent him to Korea for training for more than 4 months.

The next year, Wei Chen held a concert at the level of 10000 people in Beijing Gongti sports group, with a full seat.

From 2010 to 2016, Wei Chen kept releasing an album every year.

Every year the theme is different.

Become a regular visitor to the annual music awards.

But for ordinary people, Wei Chen, as a singer, was born out of time.

It is the general trend to maintain the popularity by acting, so Wei Chen returned to the field of actors in 2014 after a four-year interval.

If there is any quality in Wei Chen that is the most precious, it must be unremitting tenacity.

No one can compare my endurance and persistence. If I go on all the way, I will definitely become a performer, he said

In order to get close to the hot blooded tough guy image in anti terrorist special forces, Wei Chen practiced his arm like this.

In the second game of the antique Bureau, he took over the role of Qiao Zhenyu in the first film, playing the second master of medicine, otherwise.

To the late night canteen, he integrated into the ordinary, return to a small taxi driver.

During the shooting, he was sitting in the car. Some passers-by really waved to him and took him as a driver.

At the same time, Wei Chens flash was slowly discovered.

Wei Chen: that doesnt affect your exit.

After 13 years of his career, Wei Chen had few scandals.

In May this year, Wei Chen and his girlfriend Yu Wei received the license and officially announced their marriage. They also fed the audience a mouthful of dog food.

He and his wife, Yu Wei, were college classmates. When they competed, they were male and female friends. They had been in love for a long time.

And already have the intention to stay together forever.

Wei Chen is a clear stream in the entertainment circle because of his excellent business ability, interesting personality, single-minded and romantic.

Lu Hans transformation in crossing the line of fire is also a surprise.

More and more popular idols are being seen and remembered by the audience through their own ways.

Efforts are useful, and word-of-mouth needs to be accumulated. When an Idol wants to become a good actor, what they have to do is not worry, 100% investment, step by step, and the audience and time will give him a fair judgment.

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