Tourism blogger Lancang River has been washed away for 3 days, and the river is running fast

 Tourism blogger Lancang River has been washed away for 3 days, and the river is running fast

Travel bloggers left and right Kwai quick account page

It is difficult to search and rescue because of the rapid flow of water in the river section

About the elder brother introduced that the family members were informed by the police at about 10:00 p.m. on the 28th, they started from their home in Hanshan County, Maanshan, Anhui Province, and arrived in Jinghong on the afternoon of 29th. According to his introduction, the younger brother and two other companions visited the Lancang River under the water market in Gaozhuang, Jinghong City, on the afternoon of August 28. The three made an appointment to swim together to a stone barrier in the middle of the river. The other two feel unable to swim past give up, brother backstroke near the end, swim in the wrong direction, exhausted by the water washed away.

About, said his 58 year old father, you know how to swim since childhood. The water is very good. I swim very well. The two partners swimming together on the same day told his father that the incident happened at about 2:50 p.m. on August 28. At that time, many people were swimming and others were fishing. When they found that Zuo Zuo was washed away by the water, they called out help and no one to help. After calling the police, the police arrived at the scene in more than ten minutes, sent out a speedboat and searched and rescued the river for more than ten minutes. After two rounds, no one was seen.

After the family arrived in Jinghong, they contacted the blue sky rescue team to help with the search and rescue, we can only search and rescue in the daytime, but we cant see it at night. Left and right brother introduced that the river section of the incident is very fast, people and vehicles on both sides of the river are difficult to walk, so it is very difficult to search and rescue. Brother said, left and right was washed away by the water, only wearing swimming trunks, clothes, mobile phones on the shore.

Left and right lost contact, brother in its account number released a dynamic search

Left and right lost contact, the two swimming companions were taken back by the police to the police station to make a record. According to his brother, after graduating from junior high school, his younger brother has been working hard on his own. He started to do live broadcasting two years ago. I have been to many countries, and I often get to know people from all over the country. If I can talk, I will form groups and play together. According to his introduction, when the incident happened, one of them, who was swimming with zuozhou, was in India more than a year ago, and the other was in Chengdu. Both of them were boys and went to Xishuangbanna together.

Father: I just hope to find his body

After the incident, a Chengdu tourist enthusiast, a friend of youzuo who met in India, sent a circle of friends to pray for him. According to his introduction, zuozhou has not been in the Tourism Expo circle for a long time. In recent years, he has only started to travel. Basically, he works full-time and sometimes takes goods with him. He loves traveling very much.

Because of the outbreak of the epidemic, the left and right had stayed in India and met many Chinese tourists stranded there. According to another friend who stayed in India at that time, he was cheerful, generous and warm. he was very kind to his friends and a little stubborn After they returned home together, they ended their isolation in Jinan and came to Shanghai together, and then separated.

Around, the father said, his son often ran outside. When he came back from India, I told him not to run. He ran to Chengdu and Xishuangbanna again.

Donation certificate on Kwai Yue account

Left and right lost contact, a video recording its nucleic acid detection in China, many netizens left messages to pray for it, hope to come back soon. A lot of people are worried about you, hope to find you, come back and update it. I hope you can come back safely and have a miracle!

On August 31, three days after the left and right lost contact, the blue sky rescue team in charge of search and rescue still did not give up. But the hope of survival of the left and right is very slim. Father and brother are left and right missing river section anxiously waiting for the miracle to appear. About family in Anhui rural areas, his father has been urging him to get married. I just want to find the body now. I dont want anything else.

Friends pray for their circle of friends, the text shows: time in another month, October 1, is about the 30th birthday.

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