Wang Yi: China and the United States are not a power struggle. The United States is now on the wrong side of history

 Wang Yi: China and the United States are not a power struggle. The United States is now on the wrong side of history

Wang Yi said that Chinas view is very clear, that is, all countries are equal members of the international community and have the right to their own development. We congratulate the United States on its first development. At the same time, China also has the right to development and the Chinese people have the right to live a happy life. Other emerging economies and their brothers and sisters in developing countries, including Africa, share the same view. This demand is very legitimate and reasonable.

Wang Yi said that in view of this, China has always advocated and believed that the world will move towards multi polarization and that international relations also need to realize democratization. A healthy and stable world should not be the only one or two countries has the final say. The sovereign equality of all countries is the basic principle of the UN Charter. As a world power, the United States should adopt an inclusive attitude towards the development of other countries and realize that the people of other countries, like the American people, have the right to live a better life. If the worlds seven billion people can be modernized, it will be a great progress of human society. The United States may not want to give up its dominant position in the world, but the tide of history is rolling forward. We firmly believe that the day of common development of mankind will come. China has never wanted to fight a new cold war with anyone. Moreover, in the era of globalization, there is no cold war and it is impossible to divide the world into two or three camps. Countries have fused each other and become a community of interests. In the future, we should jointly build the community of human destiny advocated by President Xi Jinping.

Wang Yi said that on Sino US relations, I would like to talk about three basic ideas. First of all, the differences or contradictions between China and the United States are not a dispute over power, status or social system, but adherence to multilateralism or unilateralism, and advocating win-win cooperation or zero sum game. This is the essence of the problems facing China US relations at present. I believe that all countries in the world have seen it very clearly that the United States is now on the wrong side of history.

Second, the United States seems to be left with unilateral sanctions and smear attacks. Facing the groundless accusation of the United States against China, China must make the facts clear and make necessary response. As an independent country, we have the right to do so. We are not only safeguarding Chinas national interests and national dignity, but also safeguarding the basic norms of international relations.

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There are no trivial matters in diplomacy. A ceremony, a speech, even a word or an action sometimes have rich connotations and convey profound meanings.

Obviously, it was an extraordinary Airport welcome.

Wang Yi, State Councilor and foreign minister, went to the airport in person.

On August 17, night fell, the Air China airliner slowly taxied into the parking bay, the cabin door opened, and diplomats walked out of the cabin door in turn. Before the tarmac, Wang Yi, in suit and leather, waved

The reception ceremony was brief and solemn. Frankly speaking, it was a bit solemn and stirring, but more ambitious.

Three meaningful details.

It should be very rare for vice national Wang Yi to pick up the plane in person.

It was at the most difficult time for China that Hun Sen came to China to express his support and the Chinese side gave him special courtesy.

The second time, in May this year, the body of Chinese ambassador to Israel Du Wei returned to China and was welcomed by Wang Yi at the airport.

The third time, on the evening of August 17, met all the staff of the Chinese Consulate General in Houston.

Wang Yi put aside his busy work, went to the airport to meet him in person and delivered a speech, which showed his attitude towards this historic event and his praise for Chinese diplomats.

Welcome back, history will remember!

Detail 2: the third class merit announced by the airport.

Its a special feat.

According to the website of the Ministry of foreign affairs, Qi Yu, Secretary of the Party committee of the Ministry of foreign affairs, announced on behalf of the Party committee of the Ministry of foreign affairs that the Consulate General in Houston was awarded collective third class merit.

But this is a full affirmation of these diplomats.

Pay attention to this sentence: in extremely difficult or even dangerous environment!

The dangerous environment may be beyond the imagination of many of us.

However, they are a group of diplomats who can stand the test. The video shows that although it is still hot, Wang Yi and his staff are all in suits and ties. The diplomats who walk down the gangway are also dressed in formal clothes!

Diplomats are just different.

The first paragraph is to highly evaluate the performance of diplomats, and the second paragraph exposes the sinister intentions of the United States.

Wang Yis answer is: the disturbance of the Consulate General in Houston shows that the Anti China forces of the United States are destroying Sino US relations by all means and are making every effort to block Chinas development.

What will happen?

Wang Yi said three firm beliefs:

We firmly believe that dialogue rather than confrontation is still the mainstream public opinion of the two countries;

We firmly believe that Chinas destiny is in the hands of the Chinese people. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, no one and no force can stop us from marching towards national rejuvenation.

Experience the wind and rain will be reborn, do not be pessimistic, is the cloud will always disperse.

But I think the bigger point is the third paragraph: facing difficulties and expressing confidence in winning.

Confidence: that is, we will be able to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and win one victory after another!

Wang Yis original words are: in the face of the great changes that have not taken place in a century and the new challenges of the global epidemic situation, all comrades on the diplomatic front must be well prepared to face greater risks and more tests.

We must meet greater risks

Prepare for more trials!

The trees want to be quiet, but the wind is not enough. Some people turn their hands to cover the clouds and the hands are for the rain, and even they are not just the waves on the ground.

Diplomacy is the continuation of internal affairs. Now, the United States is entering the most sensitive period. Since some people are unscrupulous and deliberate, they will not give up easily and will not rule out making worse incidents in the coming period.

We must be well prepared.

Finally, lets sigh.

August is very unusual. August 15, just past, is the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Anti Japanese war. 75 years ago, in the face of such a brutal enemy, the Chinese did not give in; 75 years later, China could not bow to the evil.

Wang Yi said something not long ago, which I think is particularly good: the Chinese side will not dance with the US side, but it will never allow the US side to act recklessly.

This is the art of struggle.

We cant dance with the US. Very simply, these operations of American politicians are actually to provoke China and find ammunition for continuing to attack China. Therefore, the more such a time, the more we need to be calm and not be fooled.

However, this does not mean that we should give in and swallow up our anger. If we fight, we should fight; if we should, we should fight; if we should, we should play games. We should be rational, advantageous and prudent. What tests us is wisdom and strategy.

Things are not all bad things, as Lao Tzu said more than 2000 years ago: misfortune is the foundation of happiness, and happiness is the place of misfortune.

For the Chinese, this series of provocative means, and even the closure of the Consulate General in Houston, have made people see clearly the purpose of some people in the United States to suppress China, and it also stimulates a kind of self-confidence and self-improvement.

Chinas destiny is in the hands of the Chinese people. In this world, there is no obstacle that Chinese cant cross.