Hong Kong media: Li Zhiying is suspected of violating the national security law of Hong Kong and reported to the police on September 1

 Hong Kong media: Li Zhiying is suspected of violating the national security law of Hong Kong and reported to the police on September 1

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Hong Kongs orange news quoted Tian Feilong, director of the national Hong Kong and Macao Research Association, in its report on August 12 that the bail system in Hong Kongs judicial system does not mean that people are released directly, but is similar to the bail pending trial in the criminal procedure law of the mainland. An expert familiar with Hong Kong affairs also told globegroup. Com that bail does not mean release. The judicial process is there. Sooner or later, he will face the trial of the court.

On December, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Police strongly supported the arrest of Hong Kong police. Anyone who violates Hong Kongs national security law and Hong Kong law must be punished by law. The office of national security in Hong Kong firmly supports the Hong Kong Police in performing their duties in accordance with the law and resolutely combats any acts endangering national security in accordance with the law.

In addition to the above-mentioned violations of Hong Kongs national security law, Li Zhiying is also involved in five cases and seven charges, including criminal intimidation of journalists three years ago, organizing and participating in three unauthorized rallies in 2019, and being sued by subpoena for inciting others to participate in unauthorized assembly in June this year.

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When HSBC freezes Li Zhiyings account, pompeio is upset

According to Reuters, Hong Kongs South China Morning Post and other media reports on the 26th, US Secretary of state pompeio issued a statement that strongly criticized HSBC. He said the bank still maintains accounts of (Chinese) officials who have been sanctioned by the United States for Hong Kong affairs, while limiting the accounts of Li Zhiying and mark Simon, senior executives of one media in Hong Kong.

Pompeio claimed that the move was a sign of Chinas bullying British friends and business leaders in the US and was disappointed.

Screenshot of Reuters report

According to Reuters and the South China Morning Post, pompeio, who just arrived in the United Arab Emirates for an overseas visit, issued a statement on the same day, citing a report that Hong Kongs one media executives were unable to access HSBCs bank accounts, saying that HSBC was keeping accounts for individuals sanctioned by the United States, while restricting other peoples bank accounts. But he did not specify which bank accounts HSBC kept, but did not say who was restricted.

Pompeios statement referred to the Old English name of next media in Hong Kong. On August 10, seven of the companys founders, Li Zhiying and others, were arrested by the Hong Kong Police on suspicion of colluding with foreign forces and violating Hong Kongs national security law.

Mark Simon, an executive at one media, told Reuters that the companys commercial accounts are still open, but HSBC has frozen Li Zhiyings personal and private business accounts, and Simons personal and credit card accounts have also been frozen.

On June 3 this year, the Bank of Hong Kong (HSBC) expressed its support for Hong Kongs national security law. Pompeio was so exasperated that on June 9, he publicly accused HSBC of supporting Hong Kongs national security law, which he called kowtowing. In response to pompeios groundless slander and accusation, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hua Chunying said at a regular press conference on June 10 that in the view of some people in the United States, there may be only two kinds of people in the world. If they do not listen to the United States and attack China with the United States, they must have been coerced by China. This view is really narrow and ridiculous.

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Dont give up! Li Zhiying wants to retaliate against the office of national security in Hong Kong

With the implementation of Hong Kongs national security law deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the arrest of Li Zhiying and other big rioters in Hong Kong, Hong Kongs situation of ending violence and suppressing chaos is getting better and better.

According to Hong Kong media reports such as Hong Kong East net, when Li Zhiying, leader of chaos Hong Kong and founder of one media, was attending a program by former Hong Kong Special Administrative Region member Emily LAU on August 24, he suddenly changed his words and said that he would go to the mainland to try I am soft feet after being arrested. He also said that once speculation was carried out in Hong Kong, he called on brothers and sisters to show up We should rethink.

Hehe, it seems that the Hong Kong police arrested Li Zhiying on August 10 on suspicion of violating the national security law of Hong Kong. It was a good deterrent education for him! Its just that Li, a fat guy who has done all the bad things of foreign forces, remembers to repent at this time. Im afraid its too late for him to repent. He has to admit his guilt honestly, and die in prison!

In the case of a one-year extension of the current legislative council, members of the opposition Legislative Council have fallen into a dilemma of great division. The so-called three fronts parallel forces of chaos in Hong Kong, only the so-called international line has taken in a few fugitives and howled with foreign masters, but it has not changed the general situation of restoring order in Hong Kong.

Seeing that the cause of calamity to Hong Kong can not be accomplished, the scope of activities of disorderly port is increasingly restricted. Many Hong Kong drug addicts who have done something wrong are restless, and they have been using escape, secession, Treason and feign death to avoid disasters. However, there are still a few diehards who continue to encourage the cannon fodder to fight and begin to fight barehanded at the same time, shouting slogans such as one country, two systems are dead and democracy and freedom no longer exist in Hong Kong Play.

However, Xu Zhiyi, Huang Zhifeng, Zhang Kunyang, cen Zijie and others continued to hype the topic of being followed and being monitored on the basis of the attachment of playwrights, and played a tragic card to win sympathy.

On the evening of August 14, Xu Zhiji, a member of the opposition, who likes to make a scene, appeared on the street again, but this time he claimed that a private car was following him and hit him. After the police arrived at the scene and found out that Xu reported to the police that the suspicious person following him was actually a reporter, Xu Zhiyi once again showed his knack of playing rogue when throwing stinky bombs. He not only did not cooperate with the investigation, but also blocked the passage of vehicles, and pulled the police to the ground. After that, Dagong newspaper called the content of the report inaccurate and asked Ta Kung Pao to apologize, saying that it would seek legal channels to investigate.

A group of Hong Kong disorderly elements also followed. Huang Zhifeng falsely claimed in social media that after the implementation of Hong Kongs national security law, more and more Hong Kong people have been followed by unknown people recently. Hong Kong drug trafficker Leung Kwok Wai also wrote on Facebook, saying that there were problems in the police on-site investigation, and they did not explain to the public the details of the incident, including the reporters in the private car, which media did they belong to. CEN Zijie, the convener and vice chairman of the social and peoples company, and Chen haohuan, the Deputy convener of the democratic front of the peoples Liberation Army, also came out to join in the fun, claiming that they had been followed while recording the network TV program. What a bunch of assholes.

Inspired by Xu Zhiyi and other Hong Kong rioters, Li Zhiying, the leader of the gang of four, also took off the mask of repentance in the media, instructing his poisonous apples to expose the planting and framing, making false news to incite the publics emotions, and taking the opportunity to realize the double harvest of political and economic interests, Li Zhiying began to carry out a plot to trap the national security office in Hong Kong Trick.

Evidence collection of conspiracy fishing

According to people familiar with the matter, the paparazzi team of toxic Apple has secretly contacted Lin Zhuoting, Xu Zhiyi, Huang Zhifeng, Zhou Ting and other disorderly harbor leaders to send professional personnel to teach them anti tracking skills and guide them how to take the opportunity to take photos and conduct evidence collection.

The plot of this gang of criminals in Hong Kong is that if they find themselves being tracked, they will try to drag the stalkers around and take photos for evidence collection. At the same time, they will immediately contact the paparazzi of poisonous apple, and try to introduce the tracking personnel into the paparazzi ambush circle, and then the paparazzi will capture the escape scene of the tracking personnel. In the later stage, the so-called tracked events will be concocted through editing out of context, and then hyped through various publicity channels to create public opinion events, which will attract the attention of the whole Hong Kong and even the international community.

Focus on creating terror

They also have a wishful thinking. They use the so-called evidence collection photos and videos to draw the publics attention to the office of national security in Hong Kong. They frame the staff of the office to abuse their power and act recklessly under the cover of Pro Chinese media reporters, and bring the leaders of the chaos and even ordinary citizens into the scope of secret tracking, and instigate that all Hong Kong people are already in a position of being in a position of followingu201c The social atmosphere of under totalitarian rule implies that the environment of freedom, democracy and rule of law has been severely trampled in an attempt to arouse the resonance, dissatisfaction, anger and resistance of Hong Kong people.

At that time, the media will carry out a series of reactionary propaganda according to the development of the situation, focusing on strengthening the high-pressure atmosphere of peoples self-esteem and white terror, so as to stir up the exclusion and resentment of the public opinion against the central government and the SAR government, create a big killer to resist the implementation of the Hong Kong national security law, and will be waiting for the opportunity to carry out Anti China chaotic Hong Kong demonstrations, strikes and strikes u3002

Or international line

Under the circumstances that Hong Kong has achieved remarkable results in curbing violence and suppressing chaos, the so-called building an international line has been taken as the main direction of attack. The conspiracy of the national security office in Hong Kong is also to create international influence and attract the attention and interference of the international community.

It is reported that if the conspiracy succeeds, poison apple is ready to make a large report in English, aiming to highlight the tracking of criminals in Hong Kong by the national security office in Hong Kong, fabricating the secret surveillance of progressives in Hong Kong, begging the United States and Britain and other Western countries to pay attention to Hong Kongs human rights dilemma, and to attract Western forces to increase their intervention and sanctions against Hong Kong.

Tut Tut, Im very afraid of it. Li Zhiying, the chief culprit of Hong Kong chaos, and his poisonous apples are very insidious! At the same time, he hypocritically appealed to brothers and sisters not to take over and show repentance in the media, while secretly manipulating the opposition dogleg to try to touch the porcelain to create false sympathy, and the revenge was aimed at the national security office in Hong Kong. Its a pity that they have misjudged the form and even found the wrong target. Eventually, they will end up with a benevolence and benevolence and achieve what they want - ushering in the severe punishment of Hong Kongs national security law!

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