Li Zhiying and Zhou Ting will go to the police station after bail

 Li Zhiying and Zhou Ting will go to the police station after bail

Photo: Li Zhiying (Hong Kong media)

Overseas network, August 31 (Xinhua) Hong Kong rioters, one media founder Li Zhiying and Zhou Ting were suspected of being arrested by the National Security Department of the Hong Kong Police Force on October 10. After being released on bail, Li Zhiying and Zhou Ting have to report to the police station on September 1.

Li Zhiying, 72, and her two sons, Li jianen and Li Yaoen, and 10 people, including Zhou Ting, Li Yuxuan and Li Zongze, who are also members of the I want to take over the speculation, were arrested on the same day, Hong Kong and other media reported on the 31st. They are suspected of violating the Hong Kong national security law or committing conspiracy to defraud and other crimes.

Among them, Li Zhiying went out with HK $300000 cash and HK $200000 personnel guarantee, and her two sons also went out with HK $100000 cash and personnel guarantee. Li Zhiyings assets of HK $50 million have been frozen, mainly involving his private account and the company related account of his conspiracy to defraud. In addition, due to the freezing of half a billion yuan of assets, it was impossible to raise HK $500000 in cash on bail, and personnel guarantee was required.

Photo: Zhou Ting (Hong Kong media)

In addition to the above-mentioned cases of violating Hong Kongs national security law, Li Zhiying has to face five cases involving seven charges, including criminal intimidating journalists three years ago, organizing and participating in three unauthorized rallies in 2019, and being charged with inciting others to participate in unauthorized assembly in Causeway Bay Victoria Park in June this year.

Among them, Li Zhiying was convicted of the crime of criminal intimidation earlier, and the court postponed the case to September 3. As he was involved in the political donation scandal in 2014 and openly participated in illegal occupation, he was accused of being the main black hand and gold owner of Zhanzhong, but has not been prosecuted so far. Besides, Zhou Ting is also required to report to Tai Po police station on the 1st.