How long havent you seen the beautiful scene in the movie? |A selection of the week

 How long havent you seen the beautiful scene in the movie? |A selection of the week

What fantastic ideas do netizens have?

Lets watch it together

The Indian Medical Research Council recently said that it has successfully completed the clinical trial of the worlds first injectable male contraceptive RISUG and submitted it to the Indian Drug Administration (DCGI) for approval. If approved, it will become the worlds first injectable male contraceptive.

The goal of this contraceptive is to replace vasectomy, so its basic principle is to inject a polymer with positive charge into the vas deferens to cancel the positive charge in the sperm, so that the sperm will lose its activity, and it will not affect the hormone level of the drug users. There are almost no side effects. Moreover, it is reversible. It can be reversed by injecting a dissolving agent to dissolve the polymer.

It is said that the effective rate can reach 97.3%. Dont you want to try it? Wont you worry?

Ye * *: its really good. It saves rubber and is environmentally friendly.

Love matters: stable partners only Less function to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

Asia * *: I remember that I saw the news of contraceptive research and development in junior high school. I didnt expect that I had not passed the examination and approval of University.

Mar * *: Wow, Ill take my husband to fight later.

Tokyo * *: good. This is the real equality between men and women. Actually, it was researched by India. Its more convenient than letting girls take medicine

Cartoon via veterinarian Xiao Ming

I change my name * *: every time I produce a small tail, a cat loses her beloved tail. If there is no trade, there will be no harm. If you refuse to plug, you and I will start.

ASTR * *: I really think its the pervert who broke the cats tail, so I opened the big picture Okay, its okay.

Wind and rain * *: click open, the results found more abnormal.

Sugar: gecko? Break its tail.

Strawberry * *: Yes, I always dont understand why it seems that men dont like to get married. I think its like sacrificing a lot to marry someone and how much responsibility they have taken. Especially in the previous era, most of the men were shopkeepers who said they didnt love to get married, and they didnt have freedom to get married. Isnt it true that they still sell their children when they get cheap? Its just baffling.

Sun * *: men are afraid of marriage.

Fire * *: fear of marriage is not marriage itself, it should be the person who marries himself. Before marriage, Prince and princess, no one knows what it looks like after marriage.

Lalu * *: marriage is an abacus for most people, and its easy to lose everything. After all, human nature cant stand the test, and women are still the more vulnerable party at present.

Chi Yin: marriage is risky, love needs to be cautious. I never encourage girls to make love before they get to know each other. Because once there is such a relationship, unfortunately you will encounter an extreme man. If anything happens, the society will require you to turn the big things into small ones, and it is difficult to get fair treatment. Of course, this is a strategy that has to be taken to reduce risks. And a good society should not be like this. The law should protect women, not make peace.

GLOO * *: Yang Lihuos articles in the second season have been turned out. Its very clever to interpret gender issues in such a funny way. I hope we can hear such a deep talk show in the future

There is no censorship problem in Hollywood, so economic factors are considered to be a major reason. Unlike previous markets, Hollywood now requires films to be able to accommodate all audiences: under-25 and over-25. If you add apricot love scene, its easy to be rated R, and you cant make money for teenagers. In addition, shooting apricot love scenes will affect the image of stars, which makes it impossible for them to speak for or receive advertisements for products.

Think of the phenomenal blockbusters in recent years, especially Marvel movies. Rice rabbit also has some influence on this phenomenon. Actresses dont have to agree to be naked, and they can ask for more protection for their nudity in their contracts.

Of course, its easier to watch small movies, which may be one of the reasons. Are you still looking forward to seeing beautiful scenes on the big screen?

Leeky * *: people look for nakedbodies in serious movies, and they want to see the plot in the bad movies.

Cutting out that part of the Titanic really lost an important boost.

Social animals: looking forward to it. Apricot love in the film has more abundant lust and contradiction, and proper use is a good way to show the development of the plot.

MAG * *: movie pictures cant be grandiose, but the problem of scale is not an excuse for random deletion. The most important thing is the logic of the movie. Movies are not created for those who want to peep.

But what about the purpose of watching? Many women said that it was out of curiosity that some women still had some technical difficulties in pleasing themselves, and the teacher in Lily film provided a demonstration for exploring the female body.

Other straight girls say that in the face of some emotional, coherent plots and beautiful pictures, such as a large-scale bed play in Adeles life, which makes many straight girls call for bending, can also arouse emotional and physical resonance to a certain extent.

Flor * *: films of the opposite sex are more gentle and delicate than those of the men.

Jiu * *: also, many girls like to watch big waves of beauties, and they will have a good feeling for beautiful people of the same sex. However, many men will be hostile to those who look better than themselves (or feel that they are not handsome at all, and they are the most handsome).

Love matters: its also related to the fact that womens bodies have long been placed in the object position, gazed at and pornographed.

SISS * *: its not obvious yet, but in the small pornographic films, apart from calcium films, men and women are really super male centered, and the interaction and pictures are... Personally, they can also feel good, that is, after that, they will feel uncomfortable, and women are really comfortable (although there are many films that are male centered, even if they are female).

Ben * *: Im a 100% straight woman. I see that the opposite sex and the female porn react, but the men and men dont. And when you watch porn of the opposite sex, you mainly look at girls.

Lu *: some Japanese manufacturers are disgusting. There are a few female manufacturers, but it is difficult to find resources for a small number. Ive seen several big factories in Europe and the United States. Women are more active and enjoy themselves, but in fact, they are mechanical and dry. Women still want too little. The real couple partner effect is better. Lilies usually interact well, delicate and gentle. But sometimes nails are too long. Its scary! Girl solo. The calcium film has seen the cover map, but it cant get it, so it doesnt open.

Favorite * *: usually clean, water can, do not use lotion. Before and after, boys and girls should be cleaned.

Today * *: its best to use finger cover and oral sex set to complete hand love and oral love. Brush your teeth half an hour before love.

Love matters: your stinky brother smells like mustard. yes

Qing AI clinic: teacher cardib said: when clapping for love, you should always wear condoms.

A Yang * *: this translation is quite implicit. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

TEQ * *: how can miss Ka teach everything? Ha ha, its so cute!

In addition, everyones amount of moisture in love is different, just as people sweat differently when they exercise. In addition to sufficient sexual arousal, lubricants can help you enjoy the silky love.

(it must be added: the use of lubricants has nothing to do with age or physical function. Embrace the world of lubrication

Debang: I can only imagine that if I didnt drink water all day, I would suddenly swallow the root Dharma stick.

Nico * *: the effect of lubricating fluid is not replaceable by TT marked with lubricating effect ~ sometimes it becomes more astringent with that TT. Its no harm to have a bottle of lubricant alone

Qiubai * *: after a period of time, what is the reason for the sudden drying? After all, people are still in the state, and there is no time to end or have negative emotions towards their partner?

Tattoo stickers * *: the worst thing is that they were already wet through, but for the sake of health, they went to take a bath and dried up after washing.

Curator Kenneth said he was a victim of sexual abuse. Through the exhibition, she hopes to tell victims that they dont need to be blamed for any sexual violence. She said: only one person must be responsible for the whole thing. The person who can prevent the occurrence of sexual assault is the perpetrator.

Thank you for your brave voice! I hope every girl doesnt have to give up the so-called dangerous happiness and live a nervous life.

HR * *: Childrens wear is more exciting.

Sherbil * *: the last one wearing the clothes with the magic woman is no more than a kind of irony. The magic woman said that no clothes should be an excuse for you to treat women and women. In reality, the women who wear these clothes are asked what clothes are you wearing after such a bad event.

Come on * *: only criminals are guilty.

Fire * *: rape, has nothing to do with what clothes to wear, has nothing to do with gender, and refuses to be guilty of the victim.

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