A letter to the bad woman: I want to witness you, old and yellow!

 A letter to the bad woman: I want to witness you, old and yellow!

At the age of 25, despite the opposition of family and friends, you decided to divorce Dachuan, who loves you to the bone marrow. And, a week before the divorce, you just found out you were pregnant.

Dachuan calls for your parents and your disabled brother to stay at home and beg you, but you hide in your room without saying a word. After your parents and brother left, you Hula rushed out of it. Before Dachuan could react, he was hit by your cell phone.

Nevertheless, Ogawa still does not agree, he is still making the final request to you. He covered the corner of his right eye which was hit by you and knelt on the ground and told you:

For you, I have been betrayed and have nothing. I cant lose you again If you really dont want to live with me, then please give birth to the child. The child is innocent and we cant be guilty!

The next morning, you did appear at the gate of a hospital building, but Dachuan didnt come. It was me who came. A hundred meters away, I saw you, you also saw me, your expression is very surprised. At the beginning, you forced to calm down, want to see as if did not see, but then you still went to the hospital canteen there drilling.

Did Dachuan ask you to come? You know all these things. You know my character, I think that no one can stop. So, if you want me to treat you as my brother, please save face for yourself!

You look at me tentatively: I can tell you But make sure you dont let a third person know.

I am very firm: dont tell me so, if you really trust me, you will say it naturally.

So you look back and look down:

I cheated. The child may not be Ogawas or his, but I just dont know whose Besides, I didnt love him for a long time! Perhaps, never loved him! So, sooner or later, we are going to get divorced. Its better to leave now than to wait for things to get through! In this way, it will only be good for him, for me and for all people.

You said: love or not love me is not important, but he certainly can make me more happy than Dachuan! Because, he is very rich, not just a little bit of money! As long as I can marry him, I will have no worries about food and clothing in my whole life, and I will be ten times richer than my aunt, who married a t merchant ten years ago.

I said: everyone has his own ambition, everyone has the right to choose his own happiness, but he should not base his happiness on the pain and sacrifice of others.

Man goes up, water flows down. I can find a better one. Thats my skill. Who said that if two people get married, they will have to live forever? Is it hard for him to be a teacher all his life, and I have to suffer with him all my life?

As for your relationship with Ogawa, its your own business. I wont blame you for introducing me to him, but I wont thank you either. And you know I have a high spirit, is not willing to fall behind, unwilling to be lonely. Therefore, to be wrong is only your fault, and I have nothing to do with it. I never hide it.

So, before you finish, I burst out. I couldnt help but slap you in the past. You didnt hide. The slap just slapped on your left cheek. You were blinded by me and stood there for a long time before you began to squat on the ground and cry.

Ive tried my best. I cant say more. Since then, we havent seen each other for more than a decade. So, I learned a lot about you from my friends intentionally or unintentionally.

It is said that later, because of the divorce, you and Dachuan had a very fierce fight, and both of the two families also became enemies. Your mother is always in my aunts place, said that I hurt you, I deliberately let you such a flower inserted into the pile of cow dung in Dachuan.

Later, you broke up with the rich man outside. You told me on QQ in person. However, because he has had many miscarriages, you will no longer be able to bear children.

Only, you have never given up on their own hearts of a better life yearning. In order to really marry a rich man, youve been dating many times, beaten up as a junior, and even opened a beauty salon and a gym in the most famous rich area of city A.

In order to make your body shape to the extreme that men cant resist, you do plastic surgery almost every year. It is said that nose augmentation, breast augmentation and buttock lifting have all been done by you, so that I didnt recognize you at once when I saw you this time.

As for your husband now, I did not know much about it before. There are two reasons. On the one hand, I am more and more reluctant to care about other peoples affairs, including you; on the other hand, you have cut off all sources of information about me to you objectively.

So, before that, I didnt know that he was the ruffian who kept you in the bedroom for a long time when you were in the third grade of junior high school, and he often stopped you on the way to school, and once had a fight with your brother and me.

When I talk about him, Im really impressed. Among them, the most ridiculous and sensational thing is that he wrote Feifei, I love you on the wall in red chalk in all the places you may arrive in your school Its my greatest dream to join Feifei! Philippines, I belong to!

What a great irony! Think about how much you have to be possessed, how much you need to prove yourself, in order to do such reckless things, and you have to take so much trouble and cant wait to show off.

In those days, you hated him so much, regarded him as a thorn in the flesh, and disgusted when you saw him, but today you still fell down in the smell of copper on his body. The most shameful thing is that you should be able to set up such a big bureau with such great publicity and painstaking efforts, so as to let us know that you have made someone elses baby and married such a bad thing.

To be honest, I dont think much of you at all. In fact, when Yating invited me that day, I didnt think it was you. But why did I finally come?

I dont want you to have the worst result, but if your future and the ending are really unfortunate, please contact me! I will not laugh at you, but I will sympathize with you. Maybe, it can be used as a case of a bad woman coming back!