If you want a long-term marriage, in addition to mutual trust, the most basic thing for both husband and wife is to achieve these two words

 If you want a long-term marriage, in addition to mutual trust, the most basic thing for both husband and wife is to achieve these two words

Later, my friend took me to do the childrens painting training and discussed with him. He also agreed. The studio is flat and unprofitable. But my husband always asked me to go home early. For example, today, because of the discussion of summer enrollment, I didnt get home until 9 oclock.

He was very angry and said that I didnt understand the good words. He had told me to go home early. He had something to discuss so late. What did he do during the day?

(because there is a part-time male teacher, the teacher is our friend, only came to class in the afternoon, and it is already seven oclock to clean up after class, so it is a little late).

He always says, Ive told you so many times, which time did you listen to me? Because I have a lot of shortcomings, and my temper is not very good, I said to him, you slowly tell me, more than a few times, I will always remember.

My husband said, I told you many times, which one did you remember? In fact, I didnt remember all the words, but I changed them slowly.

Sometimes I really feel very tired and dont know what to do. I feel that I live without myself. Sometimes I dont know what the meaning of my existence is. (by the way, my husband was a single parent since childhood, and his father is very unreliable)

Cold love reply:

The description of this story is very situational. This kind of scene description may make some girls explode at the sight of the story. The female owner opens a studio and goes home a few hours late. Her husband scolds her. Does a woman have no right to start a business?

You may say that this mother-in-law is not a good mother-in-law, and she always describes the mistress as a bad person and so on.

It can be said that the most direct result of this narrative method of female owners is that some people will instantly incarnate as street aunts, saying, Oh, you husband is not good, how about your mother-in-law and so on.

However, this result has two consequences

First of all, this kind of judgment will not be of any substantial help to the hostess, but will help her vent her feelings.

So far, what do I want to tell you through this story?

What I want to tell you is actually two words - awareness.

Awareness means: living in the world, we need to always know what we are doing.

This is particularly difficult, but once this breakthrough is completed, life will become more open.

Sometimes we sympathize, sympathize and support the questioner, all because we feel the same way, but we should also be able to withdraw at any time and do analysis and thinking from a rational point of view.

This is what we perceive as storytellers.

What does the mistress in this story need to be aware of?

It was her husband who really needed someone to care for his family, so he let her open a studio with abundant funds.

The purpose of her studio is not to let her keep up with a job as busy as home.

If the female owner was aware of this, she could make an agreement with her husband before the studio opened. If the studio is just for making a little money, she mainly focuses on taking care of the family, when she should get home and how much time she should spend taking care of her family. All these can be agreed and regulated in advance.

A long-term relationship requires two people to be aware of each others needs.

Of course, I know that this man is not aware of the need for the realization of her self-worth.

But this is not the focus of our discussion today, because it is not the man who asks questions and the woman asks questions. Maybe we can only give advice to the woman.

Finally, whether its the studio or the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, the nature of all problems, or to be aware of what your real needs are?

Whats the truth about not going home?

Is that studio really making self-worth come true?

It all requires awareness.

What am I doing? Am I really doing things according to my imagination? Or am I just being carried away by emotions?

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