Please, dont let out the ambiguous signals

 Please, dont let out the ambiguous signals

Although I dont have any principles in love, its always been my bottom line not to touch non singles. In fact, its far fetched to rise to moral concepts. In the final analysis, Im afraid of putting myself in trouble, and Im more afraid that the other party will affect my life.

But some non singles dont think so. Obviously, its less dangerous to find the same non single opposite sex to cheat. However, he pursues stimulation, and he has to entangle with me, a rational emotional blogger. It doesnt exist. It doesnt exist. I dont have a brain.

This period of time busy, I adjust the fitness time to the evening after, with a few boys and girls who have known for a long time often meet. One of them is the one Im going to talk about next. Lets call him a.

Ive known big a for more than two years, but we didnt have much intersection before. We just happened to see a few words when we were exercising. Ive heard from my mutual friends for a long time that he is a very talkative character, and he can drag others to talk endlessly.

So at the beginning, I didnt feel abnormal when he talked to me. I thought, maybe its the habit of others. What we talk about affects the training, but he doesnt speak affects the fitness.

About four or five days later, I realized that something was wrong with the plot. After adding my wechat, Da a asked me to have dinner. After being rejected by me, there was such a conversation the next day.

I said, no, lose weight.

I said, Im fat.

He said, I like the fatter ones.

Please note that there is something wrong with this short dialogue, no matter what the context. Especially in the last sentence, some ambiguous signals are too obvious and direct.

I feel sick.

Men always have a bad memory in their relationships. In other words, they are always selective amnesia, as if they knew you for the first time, as if I met Xiaoji in the hot pot store last summer, and the one holding her shoulder for her girlfriends backpack was someone else.

For a moment, he looked so light that I almost doubted whether there was a memory bias, whether I had not brush the circle of friends who attended his wedding. However, later I realized that some people are cheeky and courageous. As long as the other party doesnt prick, he can always release the I can lift signal.

I often say that the ambiguous relationship between men and women is the most fascinating. But this sentence has the premise: first, two people should have a good impression on each other; second, the relationship is equal, and the emotional concept is generally consistent.

Not long ago, I received a wechat from a readers sister, who told me about her ambiguous experience with a colleague in the last company. There is no difference between two people and normal couples except to show their love in public.

After hearing the news of her resignation, she felt flustered in his eyes, more surprised and nervous than surprised and excited. Only then did my sister know that she would be wrong. She thought that as long as she didnt work as a colleague, she could make it public.

But thats exactly what he said.

She knew it was her own wishful thinking.

Its the end of the story, no noise, no follow-up.

At first, its a pity to hear that its lonely and brave, but its not for a reason. But, in fact, after reading her entire message, I feel a little happy for her. After all, her salary has increased by 2000 yuan, and the market prospect of the new company is better. Although there is no love, but every month to earn more than 2000 yuan, it is not fragrant to take money management?

Im sorry, Im old enough to talk about feelings and work and money. Although obviously utilitarian, for me at this stage, I prefer to smell the smell of money than to catch the so-called ambiguous signals.

Peoples energy is limited. If they give more time and emotion to love, they will give less to work and socialize. So after weighing up, I choose to give up my feelings. Unless its a boy with a special heart, Ive blocked all the ambiguous signals in words and behaviors.

Of course, even if you receive the wrong signal like the sister above, its no big deal. Feelings, very few people can fill in a full score answer sheet at one time, more are people like us who keep trying and making mistakes.

But really, trial and error should be polished. If it wasnt for the fact that I happened to meet a and his wife, if I didnt know that he was married and changed to a girl who ran a card to the gym for the first time, the story might be another direction.

Really, some people, ah, be individuals, have endless enthusiasm to contribute to the cause of fitness, it is really lonely on a day of exercise on seven or eight hours. Dont meet a little bit of good-looking girl on the excitement, the head, cant help chatting.