Finding your fiance is a billionaire before you get married: how terrible is it to be a poor man?

 Finding your fiance is a billionaire before you get married: how terrible is it to be a poor man?

Many netizens thought it was the most beautiful idol drama romance before clicking in. After watching it, they also expressed their opinions one after another

Such a man, who loves who wants!

Why is that?

It turns out that this super rich fiance has been eating a soft meal for three years!

In the past three years, my sister has been generating electricity for love and has been wholeheartedly supporting his writers dream. She would rather work two jobs alone to support his family. However, the man did not go to work with no money to pay for his living expenses. Even his dog could die when he was sick.

In desperation, the sister can only sell her most important thing, the violin left by her late mother, to raise the operation expenses of the dog.

As a result, when they were about to get married, the man suddenly said that he would sign a prenuptial agreement, which revealed that he was actually a super rich man.

When his sister asked him why he wanted to cheat himself, he gave a fresh and refined answer.

In this regard, some netizens have punctured the essence of this mans selfishness and hypocrisy

Money not only tears up your family, but also your soul and personality, so you dont eat soft food at home, but go out to eat soft food with your own ability.


If the poor pretend to be rich, when the truth is revealed, few women can accept it;

Is this really the case?

In fact, pretending to be poor is the same as pretending to be rich, because they are poor in heart and dont trust others.

Some time ago, in the TV series love me, dont think too much about it, Chen Jianbin played a super rich Li Honghai with a value of several billion yuan.

In short, although I am a lot older and have a lot of money, its better for you to regard money as dirt and see through my middle-aged and plump appearance to see through my true and meaningful soul.

Of course, if you look good.

At the meeting, Li Honghai got to know the poor female owner. He was afraid that the owner would hide his real identity to approach him because of his love for money. He lied that he was just a small boss who opened a bun shop.

When the woman found out the truth, he also said in a positive way:

I didnt call it cheating, I was a test!

A persons economic situation is originally very basic personal information. The two peoples views on money and consumption are also the important basis for whether they can live together in the future.

Whats more, personal economic conditions are part of personal characteristics. Your money and your people are inseparable.

Do you love my money, or do you love me? This is a false proposition in itself.

Its better to shout out like Murong Yunhai: is it my fault to be rich and handsome?

At the end of the day, your so-called tests and temptations are nothing but self deception.

I saw a boys complaint before. He thought his girlfriend paid money. In order to verify his conjecture, he asked an online anchor to drive a 500000 Mercedes Benz to pick up the girl to see if the girl would be taken care of for 20000 yuan a month.

As a result, the girl got hooked.

The boy scolded, but the following is a comment

Yes, push yourself to others. Dont feel like you wont be tempted.

But the key is that there are many people who seem to be blindfolded and even go to the dark one way or the other.


It is said that in love, women love to suspect and test, in fact, men are no less willing to let go.

Not to mention that Wang Baochuan is a prime minister and a real lady in a big family, but he stays in the cold kiln to wait for a person who doesnt know whether he will come back. Even if he remarries, he can be excused.

As a result, when Xue Pinggui met again 18 years later, his first reaction was not to go forward and tell each other their hearts. Instead, he changed a vest to test his wife?

Finally, he had to pretend that he had achieved nothing outside these years, and was sure that Wang Baochuan would not dislike him before he would tell the truth. For Wang Baochuan, such behavior is undoubtedly stabbing her heart with a knife.

At the end of the story, the two people ushered in a seemingly happy ending, but after all, it was an empty joy.

As a husband and wife, love is no doubt. A word doubt is enough to crush a relationship and erase the past affection. It is just like a broken mirror. Even if we try to make up for it again, the cracks will always exist.

In reality, if you think you can pass the five passes and cut six generals, you will be happy if you pass his test?

Rich people pretending to be poor and finding true love will not be the end. On the contrary, there will be all kinds of questions, doubts, suspicions, and contradictions will continue to escalate.

The sweetness of the past is just like this, which is replaced by anger and hatred.

This type of people, even if they have more money, still can not feel safe, always think that others want to count on him.

This is the case.

Some people say: there are only two things in the world that cant be seen directly, one is the sun, the other is the human heart.

Smart people know that the human heart can not stand the test and test, especially in intimate relationships.

The dark side of human nature in love is like a falling door, which is only maintained by a spiders silk. When you choose to open the door, you think you will see a red beating heart. However, what is waiting for you is a beast that has been suppressed in the bottom of human heart.

Your test will not be mutually beneficial and win-win, it will only hurt both sides.

Why are people so keen on testing their partners?

Like the super rich in the post, he felt that no one would love him without money.

In fact, this is just the performance of his low self-esteem, because he also agrees that money is his biggest flash point, and he is nothing but money.

People with low self-esteem often lack sense of responsibility and self-confidence, can not or are not willing to open their hearts to others, provide important information about themselves, and can not feel the care of others.

People with low self-esteem in love do not expect close relationships. They often lack a sense of security and will repeatedly test their partners to verify their love.

Once the other party actually left in his repeated tests, they would feel that it was true.

But never thought, in fact, it is because of their various behaviors that they push the other party further and further away.

Love can not be tested and can not stand the test, because people are not unchangeable.

If you really want to know whether the other party really loves you, in fact, the details of that love do not have to be revealed in the fierce life and death moment.

Because, the real test of love is life itself.

Its like some people can live and die together, but they cant live together.

And when you break through the most subtle and trivial life from firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar, you will find that:

It turns out that love has already come quietly.