Divorce record: Madam, what kind of divine operation is this? This is called mutual domestic violence? Youre ignoring the facts

 Divorce record: Madam, what kind of divine operation is this? This is called mutual domestic violence? Youre ignoring the facts

In my mothers opinion, a rural girl who goes to graduate school must marry someone with higher education and work in the system.

At that time, I was in the failure of the exam, but I went to the dating website. It happened that his conditions met, but there was no better condition, so he decided to meet.

Looking back on the first side, in fact, each other is not very optimistic about each other. After that, I realized that he also regarded me as the second choice, and I didnt like him that much. Therefore, there was no contact for more than three months after the first interview. I also completely deleted his contact information. I planned to work first and then slowly enter the system.

However, four months after the first interview, he called me on his own initiative and resumed contact after several phone calls and text messages. Im going to talk about marriage in half a year.

From trial marriage to marriage, and now I want to divorce, the quarrel has never been broken, but I still want to enter the system, although the marriage life is very chicken.

After giving birth to a child, I can see that he is a miserly and selfish person. I have tolerated being stingy to me in the past. However, I am still stingy in front of my own children, and I am reluctant to buy the milk powder for the children. I also said that I would buy the second-hand toys and I would pay for the babys money.

Because we quarreled many times before marriage, we had a prenuptial agreement. After marriage, we got income from each other. We never gave me a cent or bought a valuable gift.

In the past year, we have become domestic violence to each other. Although I started to do it first every time, his words made me more angry than beating me.

Now I feel sad that I still have such a small child. If I leave, the child will belong to me. But I am worried that the single parent family is not good for the childs growth, which will affect her later life.

Cold love reply:

Seeing this story, there may be some people who will be carried away by emotions and think how a husband can be like this.

First, dont hate marriage.

The biggest inspiration from this story is:

Dont hate to marry. Dont make a marriage decision because of age. Dont make a blind decision because of parents or other peoples requirements.

This story is an excellent negative example. All of us should take this as a warning. We must never hate to marry. We must never do what we have to do because of external conditions.

If we say that a persons pain when he hates marriage is 100 points, it is because he hates to marry. If you look for someone randomly, the pain may increase ten times to one thousand.

Life is like this a lot of times, a wrong step, and then a wrong step.

Second, girls lack the basic ability to understand and accept the facts.

If a person in life even the facts are not clear, it can be said that this person will run into a wall everywhere in life.

The hostess described a fact in the story, she said: in the past year, we have been to the point of domestic violence, although I always do it first..

This sentence is particularly interesting. Lets think about it. What is the essence of this sentence?

What is mutual domestic violence?

The actual truth is very simple, it is every time she starts to hit the man, and then the man returns his hand, the situation is so simple.

This is a question that she doesnt accept even the basic facts.

What kind of divine operation is this?

This kind of divine operation can be described as ignoring the facts in a diplomatic language we often see.

Third, take responsibility for your own life.

If a girl wants to grow up, one of the key points is to refuse dramatic life.

Life, it seems, has become particularly dramatic here, and the drama she creates will certainly hinder her to live her own life.

More importantly, we should not attribute everything to external causes.

This story, from the beginning of the description, seems that all the mistakes are the fault of others.

For a moment, its the old age and the ages fault;

For a while, according to my mothers request, she had to marry someone with a higher education background;

After a while, they resumed contact with each other under several bombardments;

Now the husband is too bad to himself, he wants to go, and has to stay for the children.

What kind of play is this from the beginning to the end?

But is it all true?

If we cant take the subjective responsibility for our own life, if we cant stand up and admit that we have faults, admit that we also have problems and should be responsible for our own life, then our life will not get better, we will only make mistakes again and again.

I suggest that you learn to start from your own life and look back at who decided to live such a life.

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