New research shows that VR technology can help designers improve their inspiration by 35.6percent

 New research shows that VR technology can help designers improve their inspiration by 35.6percent

Research on the first verification VR applied to fashion design efficiency

In order to obtain more intuitive quantitative data and help practitioners in this industry find new technical direction and reference, Mr. Nanshan, a senior Beifu engineer with more than 30 years of clothing design experience, and his research team recently conducted an empirical experiment on the topic how VR technology affects fashion designers: 20 professional designers were selected from enterprise level design companies, and they were asked to work in VR The VR group used HTC and hologarment virtual garment solution, while the control group used the traditional hand-painted method. In the experiment, three dimensions were used as the measurement standard: u03b1 wave burst value of designers EEG (objective measurement of brain inspiration), overall evaluation of cat clothing (evaluation system for design works by professionals), and clothing generation time (design efficiency evaluation).

VR technology improves designers inspiration by 35.6%

According to Nanshan research team, the 3D world created by VR allows designers to constantly try and modify their own ideas, so as to obtain satisfactory design details more easily. And the success of these details is more conducive to the next burst of inspiration, which is why sometimes we are inspired, and sometimes we rack our brains without harvest. VR seems to be a natural affinity for creative workers to designers. Designers are more willing to take the initiative to try in a free 3D space, which may be one of the core values of VR technology for designers. In addition, the virtual garment making process also reduces the material waste in the fashion development process, which is a great cost saving for the enterprise

The quality of VR group was higher than that of traditional hand-painted group

In order to further confirm the difference of design results caused by inspiration, Nanshan team conducted cat evaluation on VR group and traditional group. Through the cat evaluation group composed of many professionals in fashion design industry, the Likert five level scale was used to evaluate all designs from the aspects of originality, suitability and aesthetics. The evaluation results showed that the cat score of VR group was significantly higher than that of VR group. Cat evaluation means that the quality of the work is relatively professional. The VR group scores about 9% higher than the traditional group, and I think the gap will be even greater if designers are more proficient in VR technology. According to Nanshan.

VR garment technology can greatly improve the garment production efficiency

The communication cost and repeated modification cost of the traditional design group is much higher than that of the VR group. The virtual reality foundation can directly transform the 2D plane garment pattern into the practical 3D garment model, which is also known as 3D visual stitching technology. In the process of sample clothing design and production, we can use virtual reality technology to sew the two-dimensional plane pattern in virtual environment, and wear the sample clothes on the model to complete the sample fitting process. In the experimental environment, it takes 8.5 hours for the traditional hand drawing group to complete the design task, while the VR group only takes 0.5 hours.

Clothing colleges and universities may consider VR design as an extension of students skills

We have learned that VR technology has significant advantages in fashion design. In fact, Nanshans research also reveals that VR design tools, like other traditional design tools, need to be proficient. Based on its natural advantages, future designers who study in Colleges and universities can use this tool as soon as possible to carry out development training of design skills, or add professional ones VR design course, the use of VR technology is no longer limited to the traditional single hand-painted form of design, plate making, sample garment making, sample clothing adjustment, upper body effect and a series of processes are simulated quickly, accurately and realistically, which makes the traditional clothing industry get rid of the limitation of expression mode, and promotes the students idea of flying in the virtual world Love blooms. We believe that the improvement of the design ability of these college quasi designers is the driving force for the development of the industry, and the popularization of this technology on a large scale is bound to bring revolutionary changes to the clothing industry.