23-year-old Japanese actress Malia Hamasaki died of drug poisoning at home

 23-year-old Japanese actress Malia Hamasaki died of drug poisoning at home

During her lifetime, she performed the live show flash marriage on abema TV, which announced her death on Friday night and suspended the program. According to police sources, on Wednesday (26th) because Malia couldnt be contacted, people concerned went to her home for inspection. They were surprised to see that she was dead and her body had no obvious trauma. No suicide note has been found so far.

Flash marriage program sets the day when men and women get to know each other and hold a wedding. After 30 days of marriage, they decide whether to become a real couple or break up. After Malia Hamasakis sudden death, her on-screen husband, Keiyo nishika, has also attracted the attention of netizens. He posted a wedding photo of the two in Ig in a limited time yesterday: thank you for your concern. Although I havent sorted out my mood, I will not forget the days I spent together. Maria, thank you for the smile

It is reported that the two have been filming for 30 days to live together, and Malia died before making a final decision.

On August 29, according to Japanese media reports, the ikiari program group announced the death of Malia Hamasaki, a reality TV star, and said production would be suspended. It is reported that Malia Hamasaki suffered from negative reviews in her lifetime. She asked the netizens to stop her behavior on the social platform, but she didnt get a response, so she had no choice but to delete a lot of news.

Japanese actress Malia Hamasaki, 22, died of unknown cause of death. Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310