Zhong Rita said age is just a number to answer the question of pretending to be tender: I am born young

 Zhong Rita said age is just a number to answer the question of pretending to be tender: I am born young

Netease Entertainment reported on August 31, recently, in an interview, Zhong Rita talked about age anxiety. She said bluntly: I think age is just a number. The most important thing is your mentality and your dream. Being questioned about pretending to be tender, Chung Ritty responded aggressively: I didnt pretend to be tender. What I liked when I was 14 is still popular. Why should I change it? Just because Im over 50 years old?

Zhong said that she had no confusion or anxiety about her age. Although she was over 50 years old, she did not feel that she was very old. She was said that she liked fashionable and fresh things like her daughter. She stressed that it was not that she liked youth, but that youth was the same as what she liked.

Zhong said she did not pretend to be tender. Since she was 14 years old, she has been fond of those camouflage, glittering and fluorescent colors, which are still popular now. She just keeps her original preference.

Chung Rita, born in Canada on September 19, 1970, is a Chinese Vietnamese hybrid. In 1993, she entered the performing arts field by running for the election of Miss International Chinese in Hong Kong. In 1994, she became popular with her role in Legend of Mermaid. In July 2015, Zhong and Zhang lunshuo participated in the reality TV show and had a good feeling for each other. Then, they freely admitted their love. In November 2016, the two married in Beijing.

Before she married Zhang lunshuo, Zhong had two marriages, one daughter with her first husband and two daughters with her second husband. In July of this year, Zhong Rita was photographed with Zhang lunshuo in the temple, suspected to go to incense and pray for children.

In response to this in an interview, Zhong liti said that her mother-in-law is from Shandong Province, only Zhang lunshuo has one son. In addition, she naturally wants to have a child, but she wants to have a child not for her mother-in-law, but for her own sake. Zhang lunshuo loves herself so much that she wants to have a child belonging to two people, but everything goes as it should, and points will be added if she has one.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Xu Meiyu_ NBJS11310