Inception reappeared in the past ten years

 Inception reappeared in the past ten years

More mature than Inception

This summer, Nolans time and Space Trilogy Star Trek, inception and creed have been staged one after another, making fans and fans excited and calling out Nolans trilogy is better than Chinese New Year. This kind of excitement also comes from the Hi Shuang impression presented by Nolans films. He never plays cards according to the routine, which can always bring people full of surprise by burning their brains, reversing and subverting the audiences thinking pattern. With the word-of-mouth exposure of creed at home and abroad, we found that inception has subverted the publics imagination of traditional steal films, while creed presents an unprecedented spy blockbuster for people. Some media even commented that creed is more mature than inception, more authentic than Star Trek, and more subtle than Dunkirk. 150 minutes, the brain no longer seems to belong to itself. After Rereading inception, many audiences are looking forward to Nolans new dogma. Nolan is a master of playing with time. Its even more difficult for him to integrate his rich imagination into the film perfectly. He expects creed to continue to burn his brain next week. Rereading inception is the best way to welcome dogma. . This time, Nolan, the real-time maniac, carried out the crazy live shooting to the end. Not only did the real shooting blow up the theater, but also the actors had to taste the taste of reverse fist. They fought hand to hand with their fists backward, racing backwards to stage road fights and recite their lines Challenging all seemingly impossible performances, John David Washington, son of Oscar winning actor Denzel Washington, teamed up with Twilight and new Batman Robert Pattinson to perform a powerful role in reversing time and space.

Inception, a science fiction blockbuster produced by Warner Bros. and directed by Christopher Nolan, is now being shown nationwide. With the reruns of Star Trek and inception, Nolans new book creed will also appear on Friday.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020