After half a year as an admissions teacher, I have finished all my lifes lies

 After half a year as an admissions teacher, I have finished all my lifes lies

When I came to this technical school for an interview with another classmate, it was a hot afternoon.

The interview place is the admissions office of the University. There are a row of tables and chairs along the window in the spacious room. A small office is separated by a wall at the back of the room. The front of the wall is marked with XXX Technician College in white on a blue background. In addition to the interviewers in the small office, only two people who seem to be in their 50s and 60s are busy.

Later, when the parents came to see the school, the admissions office

Due to the lack of time, the last four interviewers went in for an interview. The interviewer is a woman about 30 years old. Her yellow hair is neatly spread out behind her ears. She is wearing a slim suit, which makes her temperament very good.

After we introduced ourselves in turn, the interviewer gave us a general introduction to the school. According to her description, this is a well-known technical school in the local area. Because the principal died young, the school stopped enrolling students. In the past three years, it has been in a state of no management, and it is basically abandoned. So far, there are no students.

Last year (2018), someone bought the schools brand and started running the long abandoned, weedy campus again. When I heard this, I was very surprised - she told us the current situation of our school so frankly that she didnt worry about losing candidates.

A corner of technical school campus after rain

After introducing the past life and present life of the school, the interviewers began to describe what we can gain by entering the school. To sum up, no matter what position we are applying for, we should first recruit students for three months. After enrollment, we will be arranged to enter the position we applied for. She promised that as long as we do a good job, the enrollment Commission of three months can earn at least 340000 yuan, and after accumulating experience, the annual enrollment can earn 100000 yuan. Then, she talked with us about buying a house and a car.

In retrospect, these sounds very untrustworthy, but I did believe them at that time, and even felt very good.

A base salary you cant get

Two days later, I received an induction. Because the interviewer left a very good impression on me, I think she is honest enough, she should be a capable person in her speech and behavior. In addition, I felt that there were many holidays in school, so I agreed.

A week later, I went through the induction, and the technical school said it was necessary to carry out induction training. The training was conducted in a classroom where new employees sat in two rows along the walls on both sides.

In a strange environment, I was always nervous and cramped. But soon after I sat down, a sister (older than me) took the initiative to sit down and chat with me. After that, I felt very warm.

After several conversations, I learned that they basically graduated from junior college, and even those who didnt go to school again after graduating from high school. There were almost no undergraduates. When they knew that I was a graduate student, they envied, respected and praised me, and became more enthusiastic.

But I had a vague worry - before I came, I thought that future colleagues should be more powerful roles, but at that time I had a premonition that I might be wrong.

Technical school gate

After the simple induction training, there will be a enrollment training lasting for nearly two months. It will teach us to understand the enrollment policy, the situation of the school and simulate various questions that parents may ask, prepare the script in advance, and conduct actual combat simulation again and again.

First of all, the simulation of going to school to preach -- because in general, when we go to middle school, we can only give lectures in 10 minutes between classes. We must be brief and say the key points. That is to tell students that if they fail to pass the general high school, we can still let them go to university.

The propaganda needs two people to cooperate in a group. One speaks on the top (make sure to leave the phone and wechat on the blackboard), and the other person is the key point - collect the students information below: telephone, wechat, QQ (we will do the small note of information collection in advance).

Then there is the simulation of parents calling and on-site consultation. In addition to the basic greetings and school information introduction skills, mainly for parents are particularly concerned about the problem of script training.

What kind of school status should we build? he asked We want to answer: we can build high school status, is also able to participate in the college entrance examination, you can rest assured. u2014u2014We must blur out the key words general high school and vocational high school, and do not respond positively to the fact that we cant establish the status of general high school, but can only establish the status of vocational high school. You must take the thinking of parents and not be led by parents..

For example, parents ask, why cant we see the students at school? We have to answer: well, now the students are in another campus, not here. This year, we will increase the management and training of this years students. In order to implement military management, we will put the new students here, so that they can be promoted to the ideal university in three years. You can rest assured that our teachers here are all key teachers, and teachers have many years of teaching experience. As long as the children follow the teacher, there is no problem. Besides, our children are very smart... (get close at the right time)

If we encounter problems we dont know, we should promptly transfer them to senior teachers in charge. In short, we should not lose any opportunities.

But among these problems, the most confusing one for young people is dormitory. Because we didnt know where the dormitories were, or there were no dormitories at that time.

Students always have to live in dormitories at the beginning of school. At that time, there will always be revelations. We are worried.

If youre too disciplined, you cant recruit students

Finally, she summed up the core idea is: we can use the exaggeration method to recruit students who have graduated from junior high school but failed to pass the general high school entrance examination as far as possible. If a student is recruited, the Commission is 4000 yuan. Only after completing the enrollment task of five students each month can she get the basic salary of 2000 yuan.

At the beginning of enrollment, it was extremely difficult. Even the uncles and uncles of the school gatekeepers in the towns and townships, with their years of experience in looking at the gate, could easily recognize that we were coming to recruit students and would not let us in at all. They would often grind around for a long time to annoy others and directly drive us away.

At the roadside with the enrollment brochures bag to attract everyones attention, attract parents to come to consult

After a period of time, I realized that the recruiting teacher was very unpopular with the school staff. I felt like we were doing some sneaky things all day long, hiding from the guard and the school teachers, relying on all kinds of deception and deception, and begged those teenagers to come to our technical school with a very humble attitude. We talk nonsense with our eyes open, exaggerate our schools, and quote policy provisions with various justifications - but in fact, we dont know how many false things are mixed into our scripts.

Once in a while, you can send cigarettes and water to the gatekeepers or you can sneak into the school when they are not paying attention. Entering the school is the first step to success. Taking advantage of the students 10 minutes between classes, aiming at the third grade graduating class, hiding from the teachers, they go into the classroom to scatter enrollment brochures, collect students information, or give a brief propaganda, and then sneak away.

In a word, everything is very cautious, for fear of being found by a teacher or leader of the school. If he is found, he lies and says that he is looking for someone. If he cant cope with it, he can only run out quickly.

Of course, there are also more smooth times - we will directly contact the school leaders, and after obtaining their consent, we can enter the classroom openly for enrollment propaganda and information collection. Only at this time, I feel like a real teacher, doing a serious job.

Sometimes we will take advantage of no one to sneak into the school directors office, directly take photos of their teachers and students information, so as to lay the foundation for our enrollment. These methods were taught to me by a teacher with more than ten years experience in recruiting students. She said that enrollment should be like this: too real and too disciplined, so you cant recruit students..

When we dont stay at the school, we will work in groups of three or two, holding the big character newspaper printed in advance, shuttling around town blocks and posting them everywhere. Pole, brick wall, wall, where conspicuous paste where. Because I have been driven many times, I am ready to run while posting. On the way back, I didnt even want to look up at the advertisements we had posted. On the simple and tidy street, a large red enrollment brochure was too swaggering and dazzling. The exaggerated propaganda on it made me feel ashamed to read it again.

As the policy is constantly tight, it is more and more difficult to enter the school. We set up a small table at the gate of some schools with our enrollment brochures on it, and take the initiative to chat up and introduce our school during the interval between school and school.

Of course, the most important thing is to leave their message.

At that time, the admission teachers simply put the enrollment advertisement on their chest

We will start to collect the information from the students who have not come to the market before and after the telephone war.

The list of students found by those teachers is full of information, including parents names, home addresses, high school entrance examination results and so on. Students can be found all over the schools in the surrounding districts, counties and townships. Later, some senior admissions teachers said that after the end of the high school entrance examination every year, they would rely on the relationship to get the students information of each school, which was a piece of cake for them.

The admission teacher is giving a brief introduction to the school for the parents outside the entrance examination hall

In order to sell electricity, I have a new telephone card specially, and the technical school has hired several students to work part-time with us. These students are called traffic group. Every morning, we go to the fixed classroom at 8 oclock. A group of four admissions teachers and six part-time students (later some students have part-time jobs in succession). Each of them will be assigned a list of students information. Part time students will call for the first time, and the admissions teacher will go through their list again to avoid any potential opportunities as far as possible.

In the dog days, the sun outside is restless. In the classroom, there are only four fans on the top of the head twirling and creaking. Sitting still feels stuffy and unbearable. Im calling the number again and again with the same opening phrase: Hello, parents, Im... Its so boring and irritable. At the same time, these student information lists may have been screened by dozens or hundreds of admissions teachers in other schools. When the parents who were bored received our phone calls, many of them directly abused and threatened, and finally hung up directly, which further infuriated our emotion that we were on the verge of outbreak. Once, a part-time student directly contacted the home on the other end of the phone Long quarrel, scolded for a long time.

Months of electricity sales let me emotional collapse, every time toot Du Du... After it rings, Im afraid of answering the phone face to face - I hope that the number will be left unanswered or hang up directly, and then I can draw a cross on the information list to avoid the conversation with parents later. Because I dont know what kind of parents I will meet, irritable, suspicious, rejected, or occasionally gentle; I dont know what kind of questions they will ask me. Maybe I will use one lie to round another.

Several times, even several parents asked me in a very unfriendly tone, where did I know their phone number? I was stunned and stumbling, saying that it was filled in by your children themselves when they went to the childrens school publicity (this is the script taught in the previous training). After listening to this, one parent directly connected to me: impossible! Our kids never fill in this stuff! What the hell are you... I was so nervous that I hung up in a hurry.

Two young admissions teachers accosted their parents and introduced the school

During that period, I also met some parents who came to visit the school, wandered to the classroom where we called, and watched a group of us sitting in it with a stack of materials in front of everyone. Im especially afraid that theyll come over and have a look at it. If they see these printed student information, I really dont know how to explain it. Fortunately, the teachers who lead the tour will excuse the past with various reasons and lead them to leave quickly.

After more than a months phone call, we have contacted thousands of parents. Although there are some problems, there are also some successes. After all, the childrens grades are not good and they cant get into the general high school. They can only come to this kind of school.

Two violent admissions offices

After the early relationship maintenance and our various good words pursuit, many parents finally agreed to come to see the school. This is the last link of enrollment, and it is also the reason why I dont want to contact this industry any more.

In order to earn 4000 yuan of admission fee for each student, we lie one lie after another

First of all, technical schools belong to vocational education and can only establish vocational high school status. However, what we tell parents is that it is possible to establish general high school status, because many parents only recognize the status of general high school, and once they listen to vocational school, they cant talk directly;

Secondly, this school has been abandoned for three years, and there is no former students. But what we told our parents is that this year is the second year of our school. The former students are in another campus. Next year, our first batch of students can take part in the college entrance examination, and then we can see our enrollment rate. On the one hand, we can avoid the embarrassing situation that parents ask about the enrollment rate and we have no data On the one hand, it also makes parents think that we are more experienced.

This year, in the circle of friends of former colleagues, we saw the continuation of lies - the former students who didnt exist had college entrance examination scores again

Whats more, the technical school didnt even have a substitute teacher at that time, but I didnt know where to find a pile of teachers photos and profiles. All of them were substitute teachers in provincial key colleges and graduated from various famous schools and postgraduate degrees. But in fact, we dont know who these teachers are and whether their resumes match the number. I heard from others that one of them is an old one The picture of the teacher is the headmasters wife.

Magic teacher profile

The most ugly thing is that in the process of parents looking at the school, teachers frequently grab students and fight against each other. The school will form an enrollment team of four or five admission teachers. Each team has a clear division of labor. Some are responsible for running students outside, while others are responsible for receiving students in the school.

However, sometimes the students and parents who come back from the marketing of this group of admissions teachers will be intercepted by the teachers of that group as soon as they enter the school, and they will take away the registration fees directly. If they come across the parents who look at the enrollment information and directly come to see the school, which admissions teacher will pick up is even whose, so each enrollment team will send several people to sit at the gate of the school, as long as there are parents, regardless of the number of parents 21u3001 Go straight to the office to sign up for payment.

Parents who bring their children to school

What made me even more surprised was that there were two admissions offices in the school. It was said that the chairman of the school sold the brand of technical school to two people at the same time to make money. In this way, the conflict escalated. Both sides directly hired underworld personnel to take part in the battle. The police station, urban management, fire brigade, reporters, and later became regular visitors of the school.

We cant help but sigh: the power of money!

In addition to eating melon every day to see the opera, let me headache and take parents to visit the campus. The school has no dormitories, only a few model rooms, and the classrooms are not enough. The canteen is also in the construction stage. The toilet is still an old-fashioned dry toilet in rural areas. The accumulated filth inside is so strong that people cant get close to it. Basically, we dont have anything parents want to see. In order to deal with the parents, I casually pointed to a building next to me. It was our student dormitory. Would you like to go up and have a look? No, the dormitory is being decorated. I cant see it. The toilet is also being renovated. Its good to start school, and we have enough classrooms. Its just where it is

We refer to the dormitory building, but in fact, it is a mess, nothing

Finally, a group of students successfully entered the school. As soon as the registration is closed, two buses will take the students outside for a week-long military training, confiscating mobile phones and all communication tools during the period -- on the one hand, the technical school is afraid that the students will contact their parents and withdraw school fees. On the other hand, it is necessary to set aside time for the school to plan dormitories and build semi-finished dining rooms, toilets and classrooms.

Students mobile phones temporarily confiscated during military training

Students complain about why their classrooms are not as they were visited before, why there is no air conditioning; why their dormitories are not like the model rooms they visited before, everything is different from the ones when they signed up to see the school; in addition, the substitute teachers are frequently changed (because there are no provincial key college teachers, they are all temporary part-time teachers), and some students begin to directly in the classroom Face to face: you cheated us over!

Students in military training

Finally, the previous lies have been punctured one by one. I also dream of entering ten thousand a month in half a years enrollment career, taking the final 8000 yuan to leave the school.

Later, I also heard from time to time some things about this technical school. Some admission teachers jointly sued the school, and some students withdrew from school to refund their fees. However, up to now, the school is still there, and the lies may still continue.

Text / photo Qingxin, editor Xu Zhibo

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