Entrepreneur suspected to fall into Yellow River

 Entrepreneur suspected to fall into Yellow River

Up to now, the investigation has not found the fact that fan was murdered by others. At about 17:00 on August 30, 2020, our bureau received an alarm that an unknown corpse was found on the North Bank of the Yellow River near deshengtai Yellow River Bridge in Donghe District. Through identification by his family members, he was wearing the same clothes as fan before his disappearance; his ID card and bank card were owned by fan.

August 31, 2020

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Baotou a boss suspected missing in the Yellow River, family offered a reward of 500000: had a dispute with people before (source: ~)

In Baotou, Inner Mongolia, fan Xiaodong, the boss of a grain enterprise, was suspected of falling into the Yellow River and disappeared. The police offered a reward of 50000-300000 for clues, and his family offered an additional reward of 500000. The family members of the missing said that on August 3, fan Xiaodong had a dispute with Mr. Guo, and they went to the Yellow River. Mr. Guo said that he and fan Xiaodong fell into the water together and were rescued by the driver.

According to another media report

Famous entrepreneurs in Inner Mongolia suspected of falling into the Yellow River and missing? Once annoyed a boss at the wine table, he was taken to the riverside to talk about the project after leaving the banquet

At about 22:00 on August 3, he accidentally fell into the Yellow River. His family offered a reward of 500000 yuan for clues. However, after 22 days, he still could not live or die.

After the party that night, this private entrepreneur with a fortune of 10 million went to the Yellow River to talk about the Yellow River water diversion project with Guo Jun, who had had a conflict at the dinner table, and then disappeared.

Guo Jun said that the two people were chatting while walking that night. Fan Xiaodong tripped over a stone on the Bank of the river and fell into the Yellow River. He was also brought into the water. Because he could swim, he was pulled up by the driver. However, the boatman said that the current was fast. Even if people from the national diving team fell in, they couldnt get out..

Fan Xiaodongs family members have many doubts about two contradictory businessmen, a work project they have come up with, and a strange and mysterious place for conversation. They have not given up their search so far. The notice for finding someone has been posted from both sides of Baotou City, Inner Mongolia, to Wanjiazhai Reservoir in Shanxi Province.

Dinner conflict: slap yourself in front of the public, copy the glass to hit the other party

On the evening of August 3, fan Xiaodong and four or five friends had dinner in a restaurant in Donghe District.

Mr. Kou, who was present, recalled that when he was drinking, Guo Jun talked endlessly about one thing with the strength of wine, which made everyone more annoyed. Fan Xiaodong, seeing that everyone was annoyed, said to Guo Jun, dont say it. Shut up.

At that time, Guo Jun was a little angry when he heard this. He said, Mr. Fan, what you said is wrong. Then he began to slap his mouth. Mr. Kou said that at that time, he felt Guo Jun was a little self defeating, he started to fan lightly, and everyone thought he was joking. But later, the fan became more and more serious. As soon as everyone saw something wrong, they pressed him to stop him.

Guo Jun, who was held down, was very unhappy. He copied a wine glass and wanted to smash fan Xiaodong, but he was held down and failed. After more than half an hour of persuasion, the dinner party ended.

Mr. Kou said that fan Xiaodong once told him to send him home after leaving the banquet, but he was pushed to the car by Guo Jun company. However, Guo Jun didnt get on the bus himself. Instead, he told the driver to send fan Xiaodong home.

After boarding Guo Juns car, fan Xiaodong was not taken home by the driver. Instead, he was taken to the 338 ~ 340 km along the Yellow River Highway in Donghe District, Baotou city. Guo Jun later explained that the two people would discuss a water diversion project for the Yellow River.

Guo Jun told the police that after arriving at the Bank of the Yellow River, he and fan Xiaodong walked and chatted. Suddenly, fan Xiaodong tripped over a stone on the Bank of the river and fell into the Yellow River. When he fell, he unconsciously pulled Guo Jun and brought him into the river. Finally, Guo Jun swam to the shore and was pulled up by the driver, while fan Xiaodong fell into the river and disappeared.

However, sun Zhiqiang, fan Xiaodongs brother-in-law, said that Guo Jun said that he and fan Xiaodong would go to the Yellow River to talk about the Yellow River water diversion project, which was pure nonsense and handy.

In fact, fan Xiaodongs falling point is a big bay. The current is very fast. The boatman nearby said that even the people from the national diving team could not get out. He fell in panic, but came out, and his hair was not hurt, not even a piece of skin was broken.

Nothing: search and rescue for 22 days, no one alive, no dead

At 23:21 on August 3, Guo Jun reported 110. At about 1:00 a.m. on August 4, fan Xiaodongs wife, Han Ying, received a notice of her husbands disappearance. At the Dongfang police station in Donghe District, Han Ying met the last two people her husband had contacted before he disappeared: Guo Jun and his driver.

From this day on, Han Yings peaceful life was broken. She contacted the rescue team with her family and organized her own kayak and search and rescue team to post advertisements and send messages on both sides of the Yellow River, two or three hundred kilometers underground, to the Wanjiazhai Reservoir in Shanxi Province. In addition, they also offered a reward of 500000 yuan for relevant clues. But to this day, no clues have been received.

Members of the rescue team said that no one was left in the Yellow River. No matter how you went in, it would float out within three days. However, fan Xiaodong has fallen into the Yellow River for 22 days. It is very rare that there are no people alive or dead.

At present, fan Xiaodongs family members have contacted fishermen and reservoir dredging personnel in this area to let them pay attention to fan Xiaodongs body.

Ten million yuan: set up a grain and oil company with an annual output value of 30 million yuan

According to the data, his Baotou Hongle grain and oil Food Co., Ltd. is an agricultural industrialization enterprise integrating organic cultivation, research and development, production of organic agricultural products and non genetically modified food. Mr. Kou said that fan Xiaodongs deep intention is great, with an annual output value of about 30 million.

Moreover, fan Xiaodong served as deputy to the 16th Donghe District Peoples Congress, President of Yufeng chamber of Commerce of Baotou Federation of industry and commerce, executive chairman of Baotou grain and oil chamber of Commerce, vice president of Baotou individual and private enterprise association, vice president of Baotou small and medium-sized enterprise Electronic Chamber of Commerce, and director of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region grain industry association.

There are many doubts: is it a dead or a one-sided statement?

Now fan Xiaodong has been in the water for 22 days. While waiting for the rescue results, the fan family can not help but feel that the process of falling into the water and missing is full of doubts.

How can you come to the Yellow River to talk about the project after drinking wine in the middle of the night? In fact, in Guo Juns car, fan Xiaodong explicitly said on wechat with a partner that he was angry with Guo Jun. The partner advised him to go back early, but fan Xiaodong replied Oh, and then there was no reply.

Secondly, the family members also questioned: there is a yellow river dike and a parking lot beside the Yellow River. Why cant we talk about it in the parking lot or the Yellow River levee, but we should talk about it on the side of the Yellow River? In this regard, Guo Jun explained that fan Xiaodong let him go. He also said that fan Xiaodong fell from the top, but the falling point was not a slope, but a viewing platform. The platform was still six or seven meters away from the Yellow River. How could his family members not understand how fan Xiaodong fell so far and was washed away by the Yellow River water.

According to Mr. Kou, fan Xiaodong is a good drinker. He usually cant get drunk even if he drinks a kilogram of wine. He only drank half a kilogram that night, so there is no case of drunkenness and footfall.

In addition, Guo Jun told the police that after getting off the bus with fan Xiaodong, they chatted while walking. However, his family members found that fan Xiaodong had not moved a step since he got on Guo Juns car. I havent walked a step, how can we talk while walking? Sun Zhiqiang suspects Guo Jun is lying.

But now it has been in the water for 22 days, even if fan Xiaodong really fell into the water, the body should have floated out long ago, but now it is impossible to see a person alive or dead. Whether there is a body in the water is also a matter of doubt.

Guo Jun and Han Ying are pseudonyms.

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