Relatives of the owner of the collapsed hotel in Shanxi: the whole family is OK, and the boss is assisting the police in the investigation

 Relatives of the owner of the collapsed hotel in Shanxi: the whole family is OK, and the boss is assisting the police in the investigation

There are many villagers around Juxian hotel. According to one villager, the hotel is very popular in the local area. In the early years, there were no hotels around. Every day, banquets were held in shiliba village. Restaurants have been opened in the nearby villages in recent years, and there are fewer banquets here.

The restaurant is opened by Jianhua and his wife. The boss used to be a cook, but now his son is a cook. Uncle Zhang of Anli village told reporters that the owner of the hotel was in his fifties and had a good reputation in the local area. Everyone called him Jianhua, and few villages nearby did not know him. The family has been running a local restaurant for more than ten years. Starting from a small restaurant, the family has gradually become a famous local restaurant. The good food is not only due to the friendly manner of the owners of Juxian hotel. Say hello to everyone on the way. Mr. Zhang said that Anli village is next to Chenzhuang village, where Juxian hotel is located. It is not surprising that old man Li, who lived his birthday, chose to place a table there.

According to Tianyan information, Chenzhuang Juxian restaurant in Taosi Township, Xiangfen county was registered in 2003 and its legal representative is Qi Jianhua. In 2015, the hotel was listed in the abnormal operation list by the market supervision department because it did not submit the information according to the annual report measures of individual businesses.

The reporter learned from the villagers in Chenzhuang village that the house near the township road of Juxian hotel is the living room of the boss and his family, and there are four big characters above the gate of Juxian hotel. The door of the house is open, the living room has complete appliances and furniture, a family photo is hung on the wall, washed fruits and unfinished drinks are on the plate on the tea table, and two women are sitting in the middle of the living room.

The reporter learned from one of the elder sisters in her 40s that they were relatives of the boss and came to help Qi Jianhua watch the house. None of their families were hurt. They were in the kitchen, not in the ballroom, they were all right. Qis relatives said he had been taken away by police to help investigate the incident. A villager familiar with Qi Jianhua also said that Qi Jianhua himself had been under police control after the accident.

The collapsed banquet hall is behind Qi Jianhuas residence. The reporter saw at the scene that the banquet hall is square in shape, with several elegant rooms on the west side. At present, large pieces of gravel have been cleared out, and the word longevity is hung on the wall. According to local villagers, the only official employees of Juxian hotel are Qi Jianhua, his wife and his son.

When there is a wedding banquet in the hotel, when the business is good, it will find some temporary workers to help. The salary is 50 yuan per person per day. When there are more, six or seven people will be recruited, and when the business is less, two or three will be enough. Sister Li of Chenzhuang village told elephant news that temporary workers were women from other villages.

In the villagers impression, Qi Jianhuas family can bear hardships. Because Juxian hotel has always been a hot business and cant rest for a few days a year, the bosss son once joked with a book recording banquet orders that he wanted to find a time to rest, but as the chef of the hotel, he could not rest if he had orders for banquets.

Its a big deal, and hes finished fighting all his life. Qi Jianhuas relatives sigh.

Twenty four of the 29 people who died in the collapse of Shanxi hotel were in the same village. The collapse of Shanxi Hotel resulted in 29 deaths, and the boss was under control, resulting in 29 deaths. After several expansion of the hotel, relatives of the owner of the collapsed hotel made a voice. The scene of the collapse of the hotel: the word of longevity was pasted on the wall