Li Yinhes feelings about womens dilemma

 Li Yinhes feelings about womens dilemma

Will Zhang Yi get pregnant again? cant!

Director Liu Ziwei: divorced women in white moonlight 2

The director revealed that he had plans to make the second film in the preparation stage. The second film is about how 30 + women live an independent life after divorce. the director not only responded to everyones questions about compound with his own plan for the second film, but also had a love interaction with Huang Jue, who said he had no emotional drama yesterday. The next film can be arranged..

Why should we make money and do housework?

Li Yinhe on womens double burden

In the plot, wife Zhang Yi is responsible for making money and husband Zhang Xin is responsible for supporting the family. Such family structure is rare in the past. However, even if women become the main economic force, they are still in trouble. Li Yinhe mentioned the sociological research he had done, and frankly said that in the past manual labor society, when men made money, women took more housework. With the societys emphasis on mental activities, more and more women participated in work. However, after women began to make money, the housework was still borne by women, which was the double burden of women. She called out why? Also let the audience deeply touched, yes, by what..

Facing the division of labor between men and women, Mai Zi sighs that it is normal for men to work hard and women to stay at home. However, normality is not truth. In the continuous development and experiment, a better model will be found. It is very meaningful to present this possibility in the first step of social progress in white moonlight.

Ma Yin is the only male guest and an entrepreneur. He revealed that 70% to 80% of the employees in his company are women, and the companys executives are also women. This is what women create on their own. At the same time, he also expressed his admiration and recognition of the abilities of the women around him. They are always more and more frustrated and braver, which may make the male compatriots feel inferior to themselves.

At the end of the event, Ma Li Lingshan said, be responsible for your own choices and choose your own life path. This is what white moon wants to convey.. The show doesnt set the best ending, it just tells all women, in any case, to take control of themselves. The dialogue starts from the image, goes deep into the reality, and also lets the audience see the creators thinking and voice on the current life.

White moonlight is produced by Wuyuan culture, CO produced by Youku and Qujiang film and television, supervised by 500 producers, directed by Liu Ziwei, starred by Song Jia, Yu Entai, Liu mintao and Huang Jue, especially by song Ningfeng and Lu Xiaolin, and starred by Fu Mei, Wang Zhen and Fan Wei.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020