Its only 3 months since the love affair was exposed! Wang Sicongs girlfriend Guan Xuan breaks up: single again

 Its only 3 months since the love affair was exposed! Wang Sicongs girlfriend Guan Xuan breaks up: single again

However, in August this year, Wang Sicong was encountered by netizens with the same frame as another woman. They were wearing a black jacket with a black mask and white sneakers. Wang Sicongs red pants echoed the womans red hat, and the womans black trousers were the same color as president Wangs hat, which seemed to have been carefully matched.

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Wang Sicong says he doesnt remember how many girlfriends he has made (source: Netease Entertainment)

Some time ago, Wang Sicong parachuted into a female webcast studio on the e-commerce platform. Facing the camera, he immediately straightened his hair and stressed that he should not photograph his double chin and pay attention to his image. When the net red said that it had to send 20 users to make complaints about 88 yuan red envelopes, Wang Sicong opened up Tucao: so dig! When Wang Sicong was asked how many girlfriends he had made, he quickly replied, I dont remember.

According to the statistics of netizens, Wang Sicong has had at least 15 girlfriends. In 2014, Wang Sicong fell in love with he Yumeng, the actress who starred in the movies sunshine Chongqing and Besieged City in October, but the love was very short. In the same year, Wang Sicong was also with car model Zhao Ziyi. It was also in this year that model Wei Weier burst out of love with Wang Sicong for a year, and broke up because they were together less and separated more.

After breaking up with Zhao Ziyi, Wang Sicong met Zou Yang, an actor who had played in the film backup stewardess. After Zou Yang, Wang Sicong got to know Zou Yangs best friend, also Zhang Yuxi, who was also an actor. As a result, Wang Sicong and Zhang Yuxi are together, and Zou Yang is out. Zou Yang in an interview with the media is more straightforward: if Wang Sicong stands by his side, he will go. But after Zhang Yuxi and Wang Sicong were together, their fame became more and more great, and their performing arts resources were getting better and better.

After breaking up with Zhang Yuxi, Wang Sicong first spent time with model Chen Wenjie and bought Chen Wenjie a Maserati sports car and a bunch of famous brand bags. And then with model Shen Yating together, was also said to live with Shen Yating. However, two months before the news of Wang Sicong and Shen Yating breaking up in June 2015 was exposed, Wang Sicong had already been with wanghong Xueli, whose original name was Zhu Chenhui, who was picked out by netizens. He had been indistinct with a number of rich businessmen and was controversial. After being with Wang Sicong, Sydneys reputation has greatly increased and it has run its own online shop.

Later, Wang Sicong was exposed to be in love with Dou deer, a school student of Beijing Dance Academy. Dou deers real name was Li Huiyue, and Wang Sicong was 7 years old. Wang Sicong loves this little girl very much. He bought her a diamond ring, took her to travel around the world, went shopping with her, and even once doudeer was photographed to go to the hospital for examination. He was suspected of being pregnant with Wang Sicongs child and wanted to marry and have children with Wang Sicong.

But the relationship didnt last long. After breaking up with Dou deer, Wang Sicong fell in love with Chen Yating, the actor of Legend of beauty of the Warring States period and happy comedian in 2018. They went to Disneyland in couples clothes, ate hot pot together, walked dogs together, and scattered dog food everywhere. But soon after, Wang Sicong was photographed feeding another girl, Qiu Linlin, or Tianqiu.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Liu Dan_ NBJS10788