12 Hong Kong disordered elements absconded to Taiwan and were arrested on the way. Huang Zhifeng couldnt sit still

 12 Hong Kong disordered elements absconded to Taiwan and were arrested on the way. Huang Zhifeng couldnt sit still

Photo: Hong Kong rioters

Haiwai.com, August 31 (Xinhua) not long ago, 12 Hong Kong disordered elements were prepared to abscond to Taiwan by speedboat. As a result, they were all arrested by the mainland coast guard. Hong Kong media pointed out on the 31st that this fully proves that the speculators have been planning to escape as soon as possible in fear of crime, which also reflects the fact that there are behind the scenes forces controlling.

According to media reports from Hong Kong wenhui.com on the 31st, many Hong Kong netizens continued to discuss the incident. Some people also gave 12 illegal immigrants a name: 12 concealment. There are also netizens who use their detective brains to question the former Secretary General of Hong Kong peoples will, Huang Zhifeng, and Zhu Yaoming, the mastermind of illegal occupy China, who are behind the scenes.

The Hong Kong media stressed that the reason for this conclusion was that Huang Zhifeng, acting furtively and inexplicably nervous after the incident was exposed, constantly claimed to ask the SAR government to account for the incident, questioned and was afraid that the 12 cheaters would expose his crimes in the mainland trial. Recently, Zhu Yaoming took his seat in a news report that revealed that the Church of Taiwan helped Hong Kongs thugs abscond. He made a high-profile statement to deny that he had helped the thugs to cross the clouds. Obviously, he was guilty.

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Were the criminals intercepted by the mainland coast guard when they smuggled into Hong Kong? Deng Bingqiangs response (source: original)

At about 9:00 a.m. on the 23rd, the Guangdong Coast Guard found a speedboat suspected of illegally crossing the border in the waters under the jurisdiction of the mainland in the southeast of Guangdong and Hong Kong, and arrested more than ten suspected illegal cross-border personnel, including Li and Deng, according to a microblog released by the mainland coast police. According to other sources, there were 12 Hong Kong people on board. At that time, they were going to Taiwan to apply for political asylum. What the Guangdong Coast Guard called Li Mou was Li Yuxuan, who had participated in the storm of amendment. The rest of the arrested persons had also participated in violent actions. Some of them were arrested in Hong Kong earlier and were on bail pending trial.

The Hong Kong police chief, Deng Bingqiang, said in response on the 27th that the Hong Kong police had not been informed of the incident from the mainland so far, and only learned about it through media reports. He said that if a Hong Kong person is arrested after sneaking into the mainland, it will be dealt with in accordance with the mainlands laws, and the mainland will inform the Hong Kong police according to the notification mechanism; if Hong Kong wanted persons are involved, they will be transferred to Hong Kong according to the current procedures. Qiu chuizheng, deputy chairman and spokesman of Taiwans Mainland Affairs Commission, also said on the 27th that under the current legal framework of Taiwans Hong Kong and Macao regulations, Hong Kong and Macao residents can ask for assistance due to political factors, but Taiwan is also a society ruled by law and will never encourage relevant people to violate Taiwans laws.

Background news

The Mainland Affairs Commission of Taiwan responded to the case of the 12 failed fugitives

Li Yuxuan, a member of Hong Kong story, a member of the Hong Kong Independence organization, was arrested on the same day with Li Zhiying for violating Hong Kongs national security law. Wen Wei Po revealed on the 28th that 12 of the arrested, including Li Yuxuan, were Hong Kong rioters. It is understood that they set out from Po Po o o, Sai Kung, Hong Kong, intending to abscond to Taiwan and apply for political asylum.

After the news that Li Yuxuan and others had failed to escape, Qiu chuizheng, spokesman of the Taiwan Land Affairs Commission, held a press conference on the afternoon of 27th to respond to the incident. He told the Hong Kong rioters that he should bear criminal responsibility if he went to Taiwan illegally.

In addition, the Hong Kong Police Commissioner, Deng Bingqiang, said on the 27th that if Hong Kong people are arrested after smuggling to the mainland, they will be dealt with in accordance with the mainland laws, and only the Hong Kong police need to be informed according to the notification mechanism; if Hong Kong wanted persons are involved, they will be transferred to Hong Kong according to the current procedures.