Box office of eight hundred broke 1.9 billion in two weeks

 Box office of eight hundred broke 1.9 billion in two weeks

For other creators, eight hundred is also a breakthrough attempt. Cao Yu, the director of photography, hopes to achieve spiritual realism in eight hundred, and the freehand brushwork of light and shadow is particularly important. Cao Yu referred to a large number of early works of hope, monk and Picasso, and used more green in the film. In his opinion, it was the color of despair, anxiety and vitality. As for the art director forest, the past war films exaggerate the production of weapons and other props, and most of the weapons in eight hundred need to be redone, so as to show the real battlefield in 1937 as much as possible. In addition, clothing, props and other departments have their own challenges. As the producer Liang Jing said, eight hundred was achieved by every creators dedication and devotion to the film. .

In the eyes of the actors of eight hundred, this is a work that all actors want to participate in. Its been like this for two or three months. Now were miserable without this kind of make-up every day. Wei Chen said, entering the studio is like a shot of doping. Zheng Kai, who only had a few short shots, praised eight hundred as the most shocking war film I have ever seen. In order to ensure the reality of the impression, every action and every walk of the group performers should be accurate and in place. The close shot blasting and clothes ignition also need to be completed by the actors themselves, which is a challenge and training for all. The main creators, leading actors and group actors have been shooting for 8 months with their full energy, which makes Guan hudu sigh this is my only experience so far.

The box office of the movie eight hundred broke 1.9 billion in two weeks

Guan Hu, the director of the film, has spent a lot of effort in designing eight hundred for nearly ten years, not only to make a war film that can be left behind. Among them is his sense of responsibility as a director. Guan Hu hopes that eight hundred can serve as a reminder so that todays Chinese can reflect on and discuss that period of history, our nation, and the blood in the bones of once Chinese people. By telling the stories of those little people who happened in the warehouse of four lines 83 years ago, the film reflects on the current life and makes the film able to leave a little aftertaste. Producer Liang Jing said that this film will arouse everyones sense of responsibility to the nation.

At present, the box office of the film has exceeded 1.9 billion, with more than 50 million viewers, making it the worlds first film with a box office of more than 100 million for ten consecutive days in 2020. As the first film to break 1 billion since returning to work this year, 800 has broken many box office records. And effectively promote the return to work of cinemas, making the return rate of cinemas to 87%, which has played a great role in promoting the recovery of the film market. 800 has also attracted the attention of overseas authoritative media such as Hollywood news front, Forbes, variety show and Hollywood report. 800 is the highest box office movie in the world since theaters reopened, Hollywood news front said

The film eight hundred is now in the national heat.

Source: Netease Entertainment editor: Du Jiayue_ NK6020