Just now, Baisha Road residents home suddenly exploded, a mess! I heard abnormal sound before!

 Just now, Baisha Road residents home suddenly exploded, a mess! I heard abnormal sound before!

According to Ms. He, the owner of the house at that time, when the incident happened, she brought her 1-year-old grandson and her daughters colleagues to play in the kitchen when she was cooking noodles. Somehow, she suddenly heard a loud noise. She came out of the bedroom and saw that the kitchen was completely damaged, and the kitchen had already been completely changed.

Her daughters colleague told Ms. He that she had just opened the gas valve of the pipeline to cook noodles. After smelling some bad smell, she turned on the range hood. At that moment, the gas deflagration happened, but fortunately there was no fire. My daughters colleague suffered a slight injury to her foot in the gas explosion, and it was no serious problem after sewing needle.

Ms. Lis son-in-law, who arrived at the scene of the gas explosion, said that it was the gas pipe explosion near the scene. The reporter noticed that the damage near the gas meter is really serious, the marble cabinet has been shaken off, and the area where the gas stove is located did not appear too much damage.

According to Ms. He, they dont usually live here. When she came here more than ten days ago to prepare to cook, she opened the valve near the gas meter and found a strange noise. She thought it was her own operation problem, so she immediately shut it down and did not cook. I didnt expect such a thing happened today.

After the accident, the gas company came to test and said to them that the equipment of the gas company had no problem after testing, and the gas company asked them to find the safety supervision department for further investigation and treatment.

At present, the cause of gas deflagration accident and the subsequent disposal still need further investigation and disposal by relevant departments.

Todays sister sorted out a gas safety precautions, quickly pay attention to it!

1. Dont panic. Use the simple fire-fighting equipment on site to control and put out the fire. Soak the bedding and clothes at home and cover the fire.

2. Close the valve quickly and alarm at the same time.

3. In public places, the trapped people should be evacuated orderly.

5. When the explosion occurs, running blindly is likely to be impacted by the second explosion. The first step of self-help is to lie down - lower your body and protect your head with your hand to minimize the damage caused by explosion and prevent inhalation of excessive toxic smoke.

6. After ensuring that there will be no secondary explosion in a short period of time, evacuate to a safe area. Try to avoid doors, windows, pillars, glass and walls during the process of crouching forward, and cover your mouth and nose with something at hand. Dont yell until you have to, so as to avoid breathing more dust.

Knowledge of safe use of gas

1. There is an inspection date mark on the protective cover of the gas tank. If the service life exceeds 15 years, it shall be discarded.

2. Regularly check the gas tank, gas stove switch and pipeline to check whether there is air leakage; if there are parts that need to be replaced, please ask professional for help.

3. Avoid collision: there must be no big collision between gas tanks, nor with the ground, nor can the gas tank be reversed.

4. Avoid high temperature: do not get too close to the furnace, radiator and other things. High temperature may cause gas tank explosion.

5. The environment where the gas tank is placed should be well ventilated to avoid gas poisoning caused by gas leakage.

6. In case of gas leakage, the doors and windows must be opened slowly for ventilation, and the open fire should be avoided, such as turning on the lights, ringing the doorbell, making phone calls, etc.

7. When the gas outlet pipe is on fire, cover your mouth and nose with a wet towel, cover the combustion place with a wet quilt, close the valve and move it to a safe place. If it is impossible to access the gas tank, cold water can be used to reduce the temperature of the tank first, so as to prevent the gas tank from explosion due to the sudden increase of pressure caused by flame barbecue.

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