Low EQ? Ma Yili praised his ex husbands acting skills in the first sentence when he met

 Low EQ? Ma Yili praised his ex husbands acting skills in the first sentence when he met

Wan Ziliang is tiannius ex husband. Ma Yili said such a sentence to tianniu. The effect was equivalent to the first time someone and Ma Yiliang met. The first sentence was directed at her and said, I like the article very much, and I also appreciate his acting skills. But tianniu also magnanimous response: I also like him very much (WAN Ziliang) also very much appreciates his acting skill.

Ma Yili may also know that his words are not correct. He replied a series of ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and said that its not surprising for friends who have been familiar with my style for many years to ask such questions, but its a piece of cake for such extraordinary women as Niu Jie who are walking with wind.. However, tianniu pointed out that this is a small dish, which is not as simple as a piece of cake.

Tianniu and Wan Ziliang were in love with each other because of the drama. In 1992, they formally held a wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony was conducted by run run run, the best man was Zhou Xingchi, and the maid of honor was Mei Xiaohui. However, the marriage lasted for four years, and they divorced in 1996.

Netizens have been arguing for a long time about Ma Yilis personality and some practices. Liu Tianyou was married for some time. In the photo, Liu Tianyou holds ma Yili. Their movements are quite intimate, holding a bunch of flowers at the same time, and their arms are all on each others shoulders. Liu Tianyou sticks his mouth to Ma Yilis face and kisses Ma Li. Ma Yili looks at the camera and smiles on her face, showing satisfaction.

Some netizens have also expressed their views after seeing the microblog photos sent by Liu Tianyou. They think that Liu Tianyou is a married man. He should pay attention to his behavior in daily life. Such photos are too intimate and can not help but make people fantasize.