Politicians, businessmen, and artists

 Politicians, businessmen, and artists

This stem comes from matrix.

In matrix, Murphy finds NEO (Keanu Reeves) and gives him two pills to choose from. One is blue, and swallowing the blue pill means staying in the virtual world. Swallowing the red pill means going to the mothers body to find out the truth.

Neo chose the red pill and became the Savior.

So far, red pill means revolution and no surrender in American network culture.

Three months later, the day before yesterday, musk released a product linking machines and brains.


Musk released his remarks on red pill on twitter. Soon, Trumps daughter, Ianka Chuan, gave a message to musk, forwarded the message and wrote a sentence: he had taken it.

Since the birth of matrix. Red pill in the network culture, not only refers to revolution and not yield, but also refers to the Republican Party.

Trump is the Republican president.

Trump anti feminism. So the red pill is also endowed with the metaphor of anti feminism.

Mask is a supporter of trump. During the period of trump, the market value of musk rose by more than 30%.

Trump love Mask as Mask responded to trumps call for manufacturing and returned to California. Mask set up Tesla factory in the city to provide jobs for local workers.

A crazy businessman, a crazy politician.

Shortly after the Twitter of EVA trump forward to musk, the great God appeared.

Lily woczowski, the sister of the brothers who directed matrix, commented on Ivanka and Musk on Twitter: fuckbothof you!

The wodrowski brothers became the vodowski sisters

You can see that the gender of the characters in matrix is not very important. It doesnt matter whether Neo is a man or a woman. Tristan has short hair, sunglasses, vest, and is as strong as a man. In the future world, it doesnt matter.

After the matrix, the wodrowski brothers continued to push. He has directed cloud picture, V-shaped special attack team, super sense hunting and other films and television.

Although musk is a genius, he is a businessman after all. His purpose is to make his company bigger (in the future, the brain computer field will form a monopoly, and then the rich can install advanced brain computer system, and the learning speed will be 10000 times as fast as you).

Take the red pill? Brain machine connection, you can build a machine!

As for trump, what a savior, you just want to turn your family into a political family.

You quoted my work just for your own benefit.

So, fuck you! Lily wozhuski said.

Fortunately, there are artists in this world. Although I admire musk, the world cant be without artists.

When we worship business idols unconditionally, when the world is played around by politicians, artists offer a different perspective.

Artists only believe in love and beauty.