Weihou held the cloud forum of live broadcasting new forces: new trends and new ideas of enterprise digital transformation

 Weihou held the cloud forum of live broadcasting new forces: new trends and new ideas of enterprise digital transformation

Ma Chenggong, former president of Jingdong University, believes that creating an excellent digital learning organization, empowering every employee in the organization, and maximizing the energy of employees are the central ideas of enterprises in transforming digital learning. Taking Jingdong and Huawei as examples, he pointed out that enterprises need to constantly adjust the operation mode of the organization according to the environment, empower every employee in the organization, and create multi-functional arms to solve complex problems. In his view, a good organization should be employees are blooming, users are sticky.. He suggested that in the current macro environment, enterprises need to use live broadcasting to empower all employees, and employees should also master the ability of live broadcasting.

The necessity of digital learning transformation has become the consensus of the guests. Scientific training will continuously improve the personal skills of enterprise employees, promote them to adapt to the rapid changes of market environment and professional technology, improve their ability to deal with more challenging tasks, and lay a solid foundation for the realization of corporate strategic objectives.

The problem that enterprises are facing now is how to make better use of live broadcasting to produce quality online courses. Li Ge, a senior live broadcasting training expert, sets the standards for a good live broadcast course: dry goods, interaction, application and explosive points. According to Li Yang, senior training and development manager of United Financial Group, the live class has five advantages: strong sense of participation, frequent interaction, close emotion, effect test and process control.

What is worth mentioning is the scientific evaluation system based on big data + AI. Questionnaire and other functions can directly and clearly evaluate the staff, objectively and fairly reflect the training effect, let the enterprise see whether the training method and content meet the learning purpose, whether the employees participating in the training can accept and understand the training content, and apply the knowledge to the actual work to promote the improvement of work efficiency. In addition, it can further promote enterprises to adjust and build scientific training content and system more suitable for employees.

He said that after 10 years of hard work, Weihao has formed a digital learning system supported by SaaS + PAAS. At the same time, it has cooperated with ecological partners to provide customized curriculum development, curriculum production, operation services and media publishing services. Hope to help enterprises build a complete online learning system, and through the fine and intelligent collection and analysis of data, enable enterprises to integrate and intelligently allocate internal resources, continuously cultivate and improve internal capabilities, continuously reconstruct and iterate business and products, and finally realize comprehensive digital talent management. He said that in the post epidemic era, in the face of the new needs of digital transformation of enterprises, Weihou will continue to upgrade its technology and functions, jointly build and share a new ecology with industry partners, and efficiently enable the transformation of enterprise digital learning.