Former first sister of brokerage circle: she knows everything, but she is still so naive

 Former first sister of brokerage circle: she knows everything, but she is still so naive

Yang Tianzhen was once again searching for something else. Recently, the frequency of her hot search is comparable to that of traffic stars.


She had a gastrectomy.

Before the operation, she was advised not to do it, but she refused. Why cant you sacrifice your body for work

Three weeks after the operation, she appeared in the Sydney studio to share her postoperative state.

Commenting on polarization, some people say that their bodies are their own masters, and some people speak ill of calling her old sow.

It didnt seem strange to see all this in her. Just like her on the program before, the comments were asked her to publish a book, and others told her to leave.

But there are still a group of people, although they clearly do not like her, but they have to obey her.

What kind of magical existence is she?

Today, Id like to have a good talk about this young lady Yang Tian Tian, who is the top class in the former brokerage circle and is now a new person in the live broadcasting industry.

01 I choose, I sacrifice, I bear

The latest talk show conference, twin sister Yan Yi Yan Yues jokes on hot search.

What are you talking about?

Female body anxiety.

Now, as long as you surf the Internet, you have countless opportunities to feel fat..

Weight loss is inspirational, fat is depravity, and its immoral if youre not in good shape.

The most important thing is to like yourself. As for others: who are you?

Bullet screen someone jumped out to retort: then why do you cut your stomach?

In fact, she did not cut her stomach to cater to the public aesthetic.

She has been suffering from diabetes for six years.

As weve seen on me and my agent before, she injects herself insulin every day.

The treatment of chronic diseases requires her to control her mouth and open her legs. She thinks that she cant do it, so she chooses surgery.

She thinks that there is a limit for self-discipline. Her quota has been used in her work, and her body is zero credit. Therefore, when she encounters problems, she has to solve them.

Some people tried hard to persuade her, others said sarcastic words, predicted that she would always regret, she responded on the microblog: I choose, I sacrifice, I bear.

Its in line with her usual style.

As one of the top brokers, Yang Nai is often questioned because the agent is a role to hide behind the scenes, but she is too public.

Until a while ago, she announced that she would step down from her brokerage business and enter the live broadcasting field.

She said at the talk show conference: stop acting as an agent and be free.

She can completely release her personality, saying that she has always had a dream and wants to split on the stage, but she has never found this stage, so she splits a fork on the stage of the talk show.

Many people envy her self-confidence, but many people wonder: where does this confidence come from?

02 big girl

Song Jia once said in an interview that Yang Tiantian was the most confident person she knew from childhood to adulthood.

Yang Nain attributed this confidence to her family.

I feel that I grew up in love and was respected since I was young, so I think my opinion is very important.

However, some of her friends said that her parents, the most common parents, could hardly have an inevitable relationship with Yangs self-confidence.

Maybe she was born to be.

Yang Tian Tians mother is a teacher. She took her to travel all over the country since she was a child. She was not afraid of strangers since she was a child. When her mother woke up after sleeping, she had known her uncles and aunts all over the carriage.

College military training, Department chorus program needs a conductor. When the experienced students are still hesitating, she raises her hand high. You think she is multi-disciplinary, but in fact, she has a wrong beat and her singing is not in tune.

Nothing seems to hinder her confidence. Even if she is in the public aesthetic, it seems that there is no self-confidence qualification.

But as she said, she has not been dissatisfied with her appearance. Being fat is not bad or wrong, its just her physical condition.

She has always claimed to be fat and flexible.

On the contrary, she was upset that every time she saw beautiful clothes, she didnt have her own size, so she made her own big size womens wear brand.

The design concept of this brand clothing is not show thin, but good-looking.

I also agree with her words at the talk show conference: I think every girl has her own shining place and a way to make herself feel happy.

03 everyone has his own value ranking

If Yang Tiantians self-confidence as a child came from her natural character, and she never lost her self-confidence, it may be because of the way she does things.

I think a lot of people dont like her, but they have to obey her.

She is very good at expression, logical clarity, frequent gold sentences, high school every night to answer questions for students in the dormitory.

If the teacher cant make it, she will come to help.

She is a goal-oriented person, with a goal, she will do everything possible to achieve it.

When I was in college, I organized a party. She was probably the first person in the school to get sponsorship.

How can a college student who has no personal connections do it?

She said that she was that kind of person. Walking on the road, she met a classmate who might have resources. Even though she was not familiar with her, she could talk with others for half an hour.

Look through the advertisement in the magazine, find the contact number above, and call one by one to see if we can find the staff of the marketing department of the brand to talk about it.

To enter the circle of brokers, she tried every means to get a call from Wang Jinghua, a big man in the circle. She sent a short message and volunteered. At 21, she became an intern at orange sky entertainment agency.

Later, by chance, she met Fan Bingbing. At the age of 23, she became the publicity director of Fan Bingbings studio.

She didnt want to go on with the same life. When she took office, it was like announcing her departure this year.

Zhang Wei once said after the talk show that he thought Yang Tiantian was a very energetic woman.

And what he admired most about her was that she could put it down.

Put down a thing that has been done well and start from the beginning with the courage to do another thing.

Yang said that if she was given a choice, one was to continue to explore in the comfort circle, and the other was to start from 0, she would not hesitate to choose the latter.

Because in her opinion, the most important thing in life is experience.

Some people need to be recognized, some people want to succeed, some people want to have love, and what she wants is rich experience.

I think that when you die in this life, in fact, you are a person who has nothing. Only the process of your living makes you feel refreshing and you feel that you have lived up to your expectations, so I feel that I live very hard.

She hoped that even if she might encounter an accident at the moment of going out, she would not regret to say goodbye to the world, because she had never wasted a cent of her time.

This is what I set for life, so no matter what I encounter with good things and bad things, I will not be particularly elated or depressed. If I encounter particularly bad things, I will tell myself that if I have another experience, I will also feel that the true joy and love are like this.

When she set her life goal as experience, a lot of things she encountered became a positive attitude.

In order to work, she sleeps at three or four oclock in the morning every day and bears great pressure. Her mother once advised her not to sacrifice her body for work.

She said she wanted to argue: why cant you sacrifice your body for work?

In her value system, work is the most important, work is the whole life.

Because her greatest sense of achievement comes from her work. Her high point is to constantly create value.

If I live to be 30 years old, every day is wonderful, and Im fine, why do I have to live so long?

Facing the age anxiety that women cant avoid, Yang Tiantians answer is: I am afraid of aging, which may be the decline of memory and ability.

No matter right or wrong, everyone has his own way of living. On the premise of not harming others, every living method deserves to be respected.

In the program, she is simply a walking gold sentence making machine, many netizens left a message below: when will teacher Yang publish the book!

One of the questions is: what should I do when I am misunderstood by others?

Yang Tiantian suggested to her that she could explain to the party concerned, but there was no need to explain it to the public.

Because no one will listen to your explanation.

And adjust your expectationsu2014u2014

If your expectation is that the whole world will love me, you will always be sad. If you adjust her to someone who likes me, its enough to know what kind of person I am.

The only thing you can do is start another mountain.

Now, once the top of the brokerage industry, Yang naivete has another mountain. How much of the publics evaluation of her is true and how much is misunderstanding?

Time will give us the answer.

She knows everything, but shes still so naive. the signature of her circle of friends, who was revealed by others, once made her ridiculed. Now, she turns this sentence into her own self introduction.

In GQs report on Yang Tiantian, the boss of a well-known MCN commented on Yang Tiantian as follows:

She has the courage to be hated.


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