Integrating innovation and decoding shangchi sleep technology health strategy

 Integrating innovation and decoding shangchi sleep technology health strategy

As a domestic high-tech enterprise, it has been focusing on the sleep industry for more than ten years. With the mission of improving sleep through science and technology, it has become the pioneer of intelligent technology sleep in the industry with 100 patents and four series of products. From the study of sleep health to life health, the layout of the health industry of Kangyang University, in the words of chairman Du Haiyun, our (shangchi) guojianzhengsheng popularizes health education and health management in the community, improves the value-added services of owners, improves the quality of life and happiness of owners, and provides tourism, vacation and maintenance for owners Comprehensive one-stop service for the elderly, medical care and entertainment.

1u3001 Comfortable living, Guojian Zhengsheng (Guangdong) Health Management Co., Ltd. cooperated with Huizhou Kangdi Hotel and Lingnan Garden Hot Spring Resort Resort to implement the sleep hotel project, providing the owners with green, comfortable and healthy holiday resort and experiencing the best quality sleep.

2u3001 Changyou, guojianzhengsheng (Guangdong) health management company cooperates with domestic high-quality tourism companies to provide the most comfortable, safest and healthiest health tourism routes.

3u3001 Medical care, Guojian Zhengsheng (Guangdong) health management company cooperates with hospitals, clinics and other medical institutions to carry out professional testing and health consultation. From the perspective of disease free, it conducts health intervention on medicine, diet, psychology, exercise and other dimensions, so as to make the owners medical food free

4u3001 Based on the principle of good quality and good price, the company will customize the private health plan for diversified health products according to the individuals constitution and habits, so that the owners can buy and use the products at ease and enjoy a good life healthily.

From making mattresses to doing health, the strategic breakthrough is a process of convergence and innovation. National Health Zhengsheng (Guangdong) health management company will enter the whole industry chain platform mode, redefine the healthy and beautiful life, actively advocate the concept of preventive treatment, improve and optimize the health care product service supply system, take health culture as the core, and take health culture as the core We should make innovations and make breakthroughs, promote the strategy of healthy, nourishing, and healthy so as to realize the healthy Chinese dream. Source: editor in charge of mass news: Chen Tiqiang_ NB6485