In the name of family hit: this old man without money and handsome is the real national husband

 In the name of family hit: this old man without money and handsome is the real national husband

Many audiences said: the play was originally aimed at the immortals and beauties of song Weilong and Zhang Xincheng, but it was powdered by the old man Li Haichao, who had no money, no face and a mother-in-law. He always wanted a husband of the same type as Li Haichao in his dreams.


One porridge and one meal

Hidden love for family

With the flying chopsticks, the golden egg liquid churns with the flying chopsticks. The fresh and tender pork is chopped into meat foam by familiar knife workers. The frying pan with rising oil smoke, the steaming soup noodles, and a big thin dumpling

These scenes of China on the tip of the tongue appear in almost every episode of in the name of the family.

Every time the people in charge eat the food he cooked with relish, a happy smile appears on Li Haichaos face, which makes the audience excited.

Dont underestimate a man who can cook!

No matter how beautiful the love, into the marriage, we have to go through such small things as firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar and tea. Compared with the romance made with flowers and red wine, it is better to turn I love you into delicious dishes, warming the stomach and heart.

Can cook is not simply to cook bags of quick-frozen dumplings and soak a bag of instant noodles, just to fill the hungry stomach, but according to the time sequence changes of the four seasons, combined with the physical needs and taste preferences of family members, make delicious and nutritious food.

When his wife is tired, he cooks a pot of red dates and longan porridge to replenish qi and blood;

When children grow up, stir fry a plate of calcium rich beef with green pepper;

Health porridge in spring, plum juice in summer, ice sugar in autumn, mutton soup in winter

Every appetizing dish contains a deep love for family members.

No wonder Wang Han will say: stir frying is the warming up of emotion, sugar and vinegar is the honey meaning of emotion. Its tender to make a bowl of noodles.

A man who can cook must be a man who can live.

The ancients said that governing a big country is like cooking small dishes. A small dish seems simple, but the process is not easy. From to the market, we carefully select each food material, go through the tedious process of cleaning, picking, cutting, chopping and patting, and then open fire to the pot, or fry, or fry, or boil and steam. All kinds of cooking methods are put into action, and the heat is well controlled and the proportion of oil, salt, soy sauce and vinegar can be served.

Which step goes wrong will affect the taste and appearance of the food.

The man who can arrange every working procedure in an orderly way must be a man who is organized, patient and can make his family happy and warm.


Grow warm

Its a good medicine to cure heartache

But they have the same luck, that is, they have become Li Haichaos children and become a loving family.

Li Haichao is a man who is not good at words, even a little naive, but he is the one who lives most clearly in the play.

In Li Haichaos body, there is always a kind of to warm and live power, no matter what kind of things, he will not give up the love of life.

Its also the death of a loved one,

Chen Ting was hysterical, immersed in great chagrin and hatred, destroying the family that could have continued to live a happy life; while Li Haichao, though also grieved at the death of his wife, was still warm in his heart. He collected the photos and clothes of his wife, comforted his daughter Li Jianjian, and said that his mother had gone to the sea to be a fairy. After many years, we would also go there and be reunited with my mother.

Under the care of his father, Li Jianjian grew up to be an innocent, straightforward and likable girl, and also gained a happy love.

He Ziqiu had no home since childhood. He was very sensible at home for fear of being sent back to the countryside by Li Haichao. He was bullied by Li Jianjian and never snorted. He also got up in the middle of the night to wash clothes for his family and went to Li Haichaos noodle shop to help cook whenever he had time.

The mother-in-law who often comes to eat noodles teases Ziqiu and says that if he doesnt behave well, Li Haichao will not want him. Ziqiu didnt say anything on the surface, but he was afraid and uneasy inside.

Li Haichao was acutely aware of the harm this sentence might bring to Ziqiu. He immediately became serious and asked her mother-in-law not to make such a joke. She put her arm around Ziqius shoulder and said, my mother-in-law is wrong. Dad wont send you away. Youre not going anywhere. Youre right next to Dad.

Li Haichaos best fatherly love for Ziqiu is a sense of security. The kind of unconditional love for children, no matter what happens, will not abandon the childrens sense of security, let he Ziqiu also grow up into a sunny and handsome boy.

And Li Haichaos bad man that He Mei denounced is actually his biggest flash point. Chen Ting has her difficulties, and He Mei has no choice but to leave. this is what Li Haichao often tells his children. In fact, he never knows that they are two selfish women who only care about themselves, regardless of their children.

However, he hoped that in the childrens mind, his mother had a good image. Only in this way, young children will not grow up with resentment of their mother, and can embrace their own life with a sunny mind.

He is more aware that since the misfortune of life has become a fact, it is better to adjust the mentality and go to battle with light clothes than to be unable to let go of the burden.

In ones life, there will always be countless obstacles, but if you are with someone like Li Haichao, you can see the sunny side no matter what happens. He will warm you with kindness, enlighten you with optimism, infect you with compassion, and take you across a channel of life!


Little love is in captivity

Great love is flying

After graduating from high school, the choice of the two boys has made countless audiences lament:

Lingxiao, the eldest brother, was unable to take care of himself because his mother, Chen Ting, had a car accident. He chose to go to Singapore to take care of his mother while reading. He Ziqiu, the second brother, in order to lighten the burden on his family, recognized his father Zhao Huaguang and went to study in England.

At that time, many people said that the two children were white eyed wolves. Li Jianjian was so angry that he ran to his grandmothers house in the countryside, but he did not see his two brothers.

If a child is brought up in one hand, he or she will go to his or her own father and mother in a twinkling of an eye. Anyone will feel uncomfortable.

At first, Zhao Huaguang wanted to give his father 1 million yuan and recognize he Ziqiu. Li Haichao pushed Zhao Huaguang out of the door directly. But later, thinking about Ziqius future, he changed his decision. Hearing Ziqius proposal to go abroad, Li Haichao felt a lot of emotion in his heart. He went to the window, wiped a handful of tears secretly, turned his head, and supported Ziqius going abroad with a smile.

Lingxiao reported to the University in Singapore. Ling dad was furious, but he comforted him and advised him to be considerate of his childs choice.

But what he thought in his heart was always the feeling of the child. He hoped that Ziqiu would have a better future. He could not bear to be in a dilemma between his biological mother and his adoptive father. He would rather be lonely and hardworking than wronged his children.

Both parents love their children, but the way they love them is very different.

Some parents tie their children firmly by their own side, giving their children both love and fetters;

Some parents are willing to let their children go to a larger world to realize their dreams.

As a parent, if Li Haichao can be as transparent and generous as Li Haichao, how can it not be the greatest blessing of a child?

A person, can not put down the past, can not face the suffering of life, then doomed to waste time, sad life. Perfection does not exist. Imperfection is the real life.

Li Haichao was supposed to be an image of being oppressed by life with no way to escape. However, it was warm and transparent like sunshine, making people feel like spring breeze.

Life is not easy, choose optimism, choose responsibility, hope that Li Haichao more like this, hope more happiness.