Being a good mother or wife is just a personal expectation. In fact, you dont need to get full marks at home

 Being a good mother or wife is just a personal expectation. In fact, you dont need to get full marks at home

For me, who once dreamed of opening a breakfast shop when I was a child, it was a happy thing for me.

In particular, I saw my two children walk out of the room with sleepy eyes and the surprise smile of my heart. My husband praised the thick soup that I made, which was the best he had ever drunk in his life (whether it is true or not, thank him very much).

But Im not always like this. There was a time when I couldnt enjoy making breakfast for my family, and I even doubted my motives.

At that time, I worked in a foreign company and worked full time from Monday to Friday, in order to make up for the regret that I couldnt spend enough time with my children on weekdays. So the weekend schedule was more than usual. The family went up and down to Haiti to visit art museums, exhibitions, amusement parks and even new restaurants.

Until one day my husband said to me, you seem to be in a bad mood every Sunday night.

I said, of course! Its hard for me to be happy about blue Monday.

The husband asked, is this really the case? Or are you too tired?

I think its better for you to help than to talk about this ideal concept. But what can my husband do?

I asked him to finish the breakfast, so he bought some sandwiches and left them on the table. I asked him to help the children dress, and I watched the children Well, Ill do it!

There are too many things, after all, it is their own to do to be more at ease. But he was in a hurry and felt very unhappy, so he yelled: I should do this! But do I have to?

My best friend Xinran has such a feeling recently.

In the face of the childrens classmates, the mother made the exquisite and lovely macarone cake for the children to share with the school. Glad to be annoyed, for at best she could go around a better bakery and buy ready-made cakes.

She said, I didnt love baking! But I think its a good perfunctory purchase! I can get praise from my boss at work, but Im disliked when I dont cook well at home. OK! This is me. Why do I have to blame myself?

My friend xiaocrepe is a senior executive of the company. She said to me:

Young girls who have just entered the workplace will confidently tell themselves and others that work is definitely the first priority, because if they dont say so, their colleagues will look down on themselves. But after having a family, they naturally think that family is the first priority, but they cant put work in the second place.

So I suggest that friends with family should accept that you can have two first priorities, but also accept that we cant achieve full marks in everything. Now the little crepe is very relieved.

Once, in my opinion, Xiao crepe was the person who got the most full marks.

She manages nearly 100 employees on one hand, and takes care of a house of hundreds of square meters and the basic necessities of three children on the other hand. On New Years day, she would party at home. Every time I step into her house, I cant help admiring her when she greets everyone warmly and brings out dishes of delicious food: if only I had half of her efficiency and vitality!

Not long ago, Xiao crepe told me that once she fainted suddenly in front of the children, and the children were scared.

From then on, she began to learn to slow down, relax, no longer need to manage everything so tight.

I hit it off with Xinran, xiaocrepe and other friends with similar backgrounds, because we all share a common state of mind

The question is, even if we can accept that we cant get full marks, can the boss accept employees who are not full marks? If we neglect our home because of our work, can we say to ourselves improve next time?

In this case, we might as well accept this kind of self and focus on what we like to do best. For example:

I love to make breakfast, so I put a lot of effort in preparing breakfast;

I hate cleaning very much. I usually divide the work to let the whole family come together, and then ask for part-time workers regularly.

Such a home, may not be able to achieve my ideal state, but I also learn to accept.

Because we cant cover everything, but as long as we can do one thing well, we are contributing to our family and worthy of being loved.