After talking about 61 girlfriends, she was sealed as a young model harvester, but she was no longer the God of Jay Chou

 After talking about 61 girlfriends, she was sealed as a young model harvester, but she was no longer the God of Jay Chou

He imitated Xiao Lis wolf of Wall Street.

Alas I didnt expect to be so humble.

But we dont laugh at him.

Nowadays, who is not a licking dog?

Little plum, full name Leonardo DiCaprio, is known as earth ball grass.

See his young photo, ask you, who can resist not licking?

How many people adore his young face.

How many people with him to bear the merciless changes of the years.

Mature ball grass did not see, only a sloppy uncle in striped underwear.

I was photographed a lot and I was shy. I went out to cover my face.

Even so, you can lick it.

The solution is to be tough: no long disability!

Fat more mature!


Really? I dont believe it!

In 2016, xiaolizi launched a microblog.

The licking dogs came at the sound. One after another, I send my best wishes to you.

We all welcome the male gods as guests.

Very happy.

For the first time, some fans are nervous.

For fear of offending Xiao Li, she just said hello carefully.

Of course, some fans cant watch it.

Come out and speak for Xiao Li.

Netizens love little plum more than words.

This is the expected agitation.

Not to mention outer space, take the earth as an example, no one does not love plum.

Secondly, it must be his enviable romantic history.

Everyone will grow old, except Xiao Yaxuans boyfriend and Xiao Lizis girlfriend.

At the age of 21, Li said, I dont like a certain type of girl. They are different from each other.


He has always been very focusedu2014u2014

Young, long legs, supermodel.

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With the long legs of his former girlfriends, they can circle the Earth twice.

Opinions vary as to how many girlfriends he has talked about.

Some people say 50, some say 57, and some say that after the gossip girl friend is 38.

According to the who datedwho website, Xiao Li has dated 61 girlfriends.

In any case, little plum can be called Sea King.

A boring netizen counted the age comparison chart of Xiao Li Zis girlfriend since she was 24 years old.

No one will be older than 25.

At that time, the young plum was in its prime, and the white moonlight of countless young girls.

Giselle is the queen of fashion.

Giselle was in Vanity Fair.

She wanted to get married and settle down.

But little plum didnt want to stop wandering.

Baer, who has been talking about it for six years, is in the same situation.

After six years of separation, separation and combination, they both got engaged, but still failed to make the final step.

Giselle and baer, as friends of Xiao Lis children, stay at the age of 25.

It seems that from then on, Xiao Lis beauty plummeted and embarked on the road of conquering supermodels.

It seems inappropriate to say conquer.

After all, the way no one conquers a beauty is to take her on a bicycle.

Xiao Lis means of talking about love are as simple as his criteria for choosing a mate.

ride on a bicycle.

Go to the seaside.

ride on a bicycle.

Another one.

And then to the seaside.

ride on a bicycle.

Go to the seaside.

ride on a bicycle.

While changing his girlfriend, Xiao Li also changed his bicycle.

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Camillas mother fell in love with alpacino since 2009 after her divorce.

Through this relationship, young Camilla got to know Xiao Li.

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Despite the difference of 23 years between the two, my mother was very supportive.

After all, mom and alpacino are 38 years apart.

The outside world is not optimistic about this relationship.

As a little girl in 1997, Camilla chose to be with a romantic uncle.

Its hard to believe its love. It must be that the two sides take what they need and have a plot in mind.

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Camilla didnt mind keyboard mans malice.

I posted a picture of love between old and young on INSu2014u2014

Humphrey Bogart and Lauren becall, 70 years ago.

There are many people who like and wish, but also welcome the vicious message again:

Camilla connects directly.

She sent a video:

Spend your time and energy somewhere else. Dont be so grand about the life you dont know. Im really happy to live without anger. I hope you can have a chance to experience it

Lace news continues, game super model circle, Xiao Li has become a world-famous slag man.

When Luo Zhixiang cheated, little plum arrived as scheduled.

Can you imagine, little plum really slag?

Once a reporter asked Xiao Li: why do you like supermodel girlfriend so much?

He said frankly: if one day you become famous, there are countless supermodels around you to pursue you, you are also very difficult to refuse.

For this kind of problem, he is not taboo, admit his own profligacy.

Its quite different from the good men set up by those golden houses and deep lovers.

Girls dont have to fall in love with him.

They didnt try to avoid the media.

Its abusive, but aboveboard.

Romantic, but did not hurt others.

Not only did not harm people, but also protected each other very well.

In front of the media, Xiao Li always avoids talking about her emotional life.

Most of them break up peacefully, so that his reputation is still very good.

The specific situation is not clear, can be seen from the behavior of both parties after breaking up.

Blake lefley kept in touch when he broke up with Li.

Send him pictures of dolls from all over the world as usual.

Many predecessors have also said that the feeling of falling in love with him is irreplaceable.

Everyone loves little plums.

This is a generalization of the phenomenon, not a slogan.

Theres a story on the Internet:

Why do girls always have no complaints about Xiao Li after breaking up.

Because they think that whoring little plum is not a loss.

No matter how crazy supermodel is to him, we ordinary people are also greedy for him.

Besides feelings, there is no doubt about Xiao Lis character.

He is a famous environmental fighter.

In 2019, the Amazon forest fires.

The Brazilian government has done nothing, and no one has reported.

Xiao Li yelled on the social platform

The lungs of the world Amazon rainforest has been burned by fire for 16 days, and there is no media report about it! Why?

A month ago, Li had just established the Earth Alliance.

Then he immediately allocated $5 million to aid.

At the end of the year, before the flood was released as a producer and actor.

Before that, he was also involved in making many environmental documentaries.

The 11th hour of global warming.

Veronga, which focuses on the protection of wildlife.

Other short films and public service videos are numerous.

In order to make the film, he traveled to five continents to investigate environmental problems around the world.

In the trailer, he asks: what has the environment been destroyed by us?

In 2016, little plum won the Oscar for wild Hunter.

He ran six times and finally won the prize.

Instead of crying bitterly about his fate, he took the opportunity to shout, climate change is real, its changing now!

In this way, it may be one of his environmental protection undertakings to go out and ride a bicycle with his girlfriend.

No wonder so many people have been after him for so many years.

Even if lost the proud face, still those lecherous fans to be obedient.

I remember that one year, little plum went to Hong Kong, and the young model circle of Hong Kong was boiling.

Hes a time bomb.

As long as he doesnt settle down, many people are looking at him.

Xiao Li, 46, has never been married.

When I was young, I had a chance but I didnt get married.

As he entered middle age, he was more like escaping from marriage.

In a follow-up, he impatiently revealed his views on marriage.

Ive witnessed some interesting marriages, and Ive witnessed some boring marriages...

He stopped talking and didnt go on.

For marriage, Xiao Li is actually exclusive.

The main reason should be the brief marriage between parents.

My parents met when they were in college.

Both are fans of bohemian lifestyleu2014u2014

Pursue oneself, enjoy freedom, unruly and romantic.

So soon after Xiaoli was born, his parents divorced.

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So many years, he has been wandering outside the church.

When one foot enters the door, it retracts immediately.

Fortunately, his latest relationship was rewarded with success.

According to us weekly, Li and Camilla have entered the stage of engagement.

He wants children, people familiar with the matter said.

Xiaoli is eager to improve the earths environment and create a better living space for all mankind.

I hope that this time, Xiao Li Zi really overcame the fear in his heart and found a harbor to put his heart in.

Author: Tu Lu