Afghanistans dancing boy with heavy make-up and dancing

 Afghanistans dancing boy with heavy make-up and dancing

These boys are called dancing boys.. Today, childrens play is still rampant in Afghanistan.

Recently, a musical with the theme of childrens play, the boy dancing in the air, has been widely criticized. The musical mainly tells the story of two dancing boys falling in love. After overcoming their fear of master, they flee the city together and pursue their music dream.

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In the play, the process of sexual assault is adapted into the projection of teenagers on the tent, and the pornographic content is euphemistically expressed as carefully choreographed dances and several topless hugs.

Many netizens criticized the play for portraying sexual abuse as romantic and confusing paedophilia with homosexuality. No one in his right mind would romanticize the Epstein incident. Similarly, childrens play should not be like this..

The musical weakens and even deliberately avoids the irrationality and illegality of the feelings between the middle-aged and the minors. The audience thinks that the play has seriously hurt the feelings of the victims of the childrens play.

With more and more criticism, the producers launched boy dancing in the air online, promising to donate the proceeds to charity to help the victims of childrens play.

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Are netizens criticizing the musical for not showing the true Afghan culture? Is it a fuss or a just move? Why, on earth, has the phenomenon of Dancing and actually pedophilia been rampant in Afghanistan for so long?

Dancing boy, it has nothing to do with romance

Unlike the romance shown in the boy dancing in the air, the real life of a dancing boy is actually miserable.

Over the past 100 years, childrens play has gradually developed a set of rules adapted to the reality, which has become the secret of Afghan society. There is nothing wrong with the word bachabazi in some local songs. Keeping several boys has become a symbol of power and status, and it is the property they use to compare and show off.

A teenager about to be sold as dancing boy:

Up to now, dancing boys are a way of life prevailing in Afghanistans rich circle. Some boys who live in extreme poverty but have good looks are easy to be looked upon by the powerful. They thought that they could take this opportunity to live a better life, but it was not the case.

The rich put the boys under house arrest in their mansions, forcing them to make up, learn womens postures and practice dancing. When the rich get together, its time for them to shine. Theyre going to dance at parties and give their hosts long faces.

At the party, the boys danced enchanting and the lyrics were explicit: touch the boy in cotton clothes in front of you! Where are you from, O boy, you are lighting the fire in our hearts

A boy dancing at a party

In addition to being taken care of by their owners, there are also some boys who are recruited by organizations specialized in doing business for the rich and become their employees. Their job is to serve the rich by dancing, pleasing them, and even providing sexual services.

Dancing boys grow up in abnormal environment and face serious physical and mental health problems. According to a survey by the Afghan Independent Human Rights Commission, childrens play can lead to internal bleeding, fracture and even death.

Most dancing boys are difficult to trust others, pessimistic and vindictive, and their self-awareness and sexual orientation will also be seriously affected. Because they are deprived of the right to education, they can do nothing but dance. They are difficult to adapt to normal society and can not find a decent job.

A dancing boy in make-up

A 17-year-old dancing boy told him in an interview with Reuters: I love my host, I love dancing and I like to dress up as a woman and play with my host. When I grow up, Im going to take care of a lot of men

The United States attacked the Taliban, but connived at childrens play

After the Taliban regime came to power in 1996, it believed that childrens play and homosexual behavior violated Islamic law and advocated that violators should be sentenced to death.

During the civil war in Afghanistan, childrens play became a taboo in the Taliban controlled areas and turned into underground secret activities.

US forces in Afghanistan

There have also been some intolerant American soldiers who have made accusations, but have been told to keep silent.

Former special forces Captain Dan Quinn, an Afghan militia commander who beat a sexually assaulting boy. We came to Afghanistan to prevent the Taliban from depriving human rights, he said. But the elders in the village told me that we have given power to people worse than the Taliban.

The U.S. military has recruited large numbers of Afghan militia to fight the Taliban, who are armed, powerful and sometimes bully local residents at will. In order to maintain a good relationship with the local police and militia, the United States does not intervene in the issue of childrens play, which is said to be a domestic legal issue in Afghanistan.

The U.S. military removed captain Quinns command and sent him home, and Quinn eventually left the army.

Former U.S. special forces Captain Dan Quinn

Source: the New York Times

Our main goal is to fight the Taliban, not to stop sexual harassment, a former Marine recalled. But he is not hard hearted either. He recalled that one day, he walked into a room of the base and saw three or four men lying on the ground with children in the middle. He felt very uncomfortable when he saw it, but he could only keep silent.

The constant silence led to tragedy.

In 2012, a 17-year-old dancing boy grabbed a rifle at the base and killed three U.S. Marines.

The father of a soldier killed in the incident believed that his sons death was related to childrens play. In his last call with his son, the soldier mentioned that the new Afghan commander was living in the barracks with a group of dancing boys.

I can hear the boys screaming at night, but my boss told me its local culture and dont overreact. The commander the soldiers referred to, Savar Jan, was previously notorious for kidnapping and abusing children two years ago, but he returned to the base as commander two years later.

Afghan boys

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The father of a soldier who was killed in the incident told reporters in agony, for these boys, the Marine Corps acquiesced in these things, and they are silent criminals.

But the boys didnt know that the soldiers could do nothing about it. Savar was later transferred to a higher-level police headquarters in the same province. He was not punished. He also denied that he was involved in childrens play and did not know the dancing boy who killed the soldiers.

Legal dilemma

Why cant childrens play be restrained after the law is perfected?

The extreme patriarchal society in Afghanistan is the root cause of the growth of childrens play. The serious gender segregation in the social history of Afghanistan has led to the emergence of childrens play. The society has many strict requirements and constraints on women. They are forbidden to act as dancers or entertainers, so little boys become substitutes and come onto the stage.

The boy in the blue robe,

This is the traditional dress of Afghan women

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Moreover, in Afghanistan, family pride and a good reputation in society are more important than anything else. This means that victims are guilty is prevalent in this land - boys who have been sexually assaulted are victims, but their families have no sympathy for their children. Instead, they are ashamed of them and think that they are dirty, immoral and disgraceful, so they should die.

A dancing boy

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According to the guardian in 2019, about 500 boys in six schools in Logar province of Afghanistan have been sexually abused. The criminal pedophile Gang, including principals and teachers, has shot more than 100 videos and uploaded them to social media.

In addition, impunity has contributed to the spread of this practice, and corruption at the executive level and in the judicial system has prevented the effective implementation of the law. Warlords, police, commanders and other dignitaries hold judicial power and will not point their guns at themselves.

Leaders with good reputation, such as mullahs (religious leaders), community elders and school principals, have more credibility in their speeches. The above roles are all true in the childrens drama incident. Most of the victims choose silence when facing such authoritative criminals.

Source: Australian News Network Barat alibatoor

After years of war, most Afghan families are in poverty, and poor children are more likely to be prey of childrens play. In Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, there are about 65000 poor children. In other backward areas, the number of poor children is even greater. Some families will choose to sell their children to local leaders in exchange for money.

Last December, the European Parliament called on the Afghan government to set up a national victim support hotline and launch a national campaign to educate the public against child drama. Only by combining law enforcement with education can we realize cultural change and really improve the problem of childrens play.

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In the novel the kite runner, many people know childrens play for the first time. At the end of the novel, Amir rescues his nephew, sorabo, who is violated. The two escape from Afghanistan and start their lives in the United States again. But in reality, the victims of childrens play have nowhere to escape.

How can I escape? Where can I escape? Society will not accept me, and my family will not accept me. .