The story of a married woman running away from home

 The story of a married woman running away from home

When the train arrived in Shenzhen at 7 oclock sharp in the morning, I called Shu Shu. She exclaimed in surprise, why dont you call ahead of time? I laughed bitterly. I made this decision at 4 a.m.

Yesterday was my 30th birthday, I thought my husband should not neglect. But in the evening, my husband went home empty handed as usual, and went straight to the sofa. His eyes were not even willing to stay on me for another second, let alone hugs and gifts.

I hold back the anger, gently remind: husband, what day is today? What day is it? He flipped the evening paper carelessly without looking up.

I was stunned and the fire in my heart leaped up.

I remember when I got married, he also swore that I was the most precious gift God gave him, and he would love me forever. But now? He forgot all about my birthday. Thinking of this, my tears cant help falling down.

Naturally, the meal was unpleasant. In the evening, I went to bed early, expecting my husband to coax me, but I was disappointed in the end.

My husband just patted me on the shoulder and said, go to bed early.. I am not angry, angry to turn around, cold back to her husband, tears but can not help but flow into a river.

After a while, I heard an even breath from behind. He was obviously asleep, but I couldnt sleep anyway. Out of the window, the light moonlight penetrates in, like my mood at the moment is generally cold and lonely.

Does he no longer love me? Are we really in the seven-year itch? Thinking about, grievance, resentment, self pity, disappointment

All sorts of complicated emotions stirred in my mind, and I was so sad that I couldnt sleep all night.

I cant help but feel sad when I recall the scene of his love for me in the past. A more and more strong idea appeared in my mind. I decided to punish my husband for his indifference to me by missing.

In this way, I came to Shenzhen.


Shu Shu is 2 years older than me and was my good friend in college. Although I havent seen each other for several years, Shu Shu is still as high spirited as before, and forms a strong contrast with the depressed and sad me.

With a sharp eye, she saw through the lie of my business trip and asked, whats the matter? I cried out and hugged her to pour out bitter water.

Shushu opened the jewelry box, which was filled with all kinds of dazzling gold and silver jewelry. I am so sad: These are all gifts from her husband.

I picked up the jewelry and looked at it one by one. Each one was exquisite and chic. I like a silver ring with fine luster. On the surface of the ring, there were letters love inlaid with broken water diamonds. The O in the middle was hollowed out, which was quite chic.

You have a good taste. This is the latest model I bought last week. She said with a smile, I turned the ring, envious.

I looked at Shu Shu, her face did not have the slightest resentment, still smiling.


Shu Shu said that two years ago, for her husbands development, she gave up a stable senior management job and gave up her annual salary of 200000 yuan. After coming to Shenzhen, Shu Shu did not go out to find a job. Now she is a standard full-time wife.

How can she endure a life without a career or even a self? I didnt dare to ask her, but she saw the confusion in my eyes and offered me the answer.

Shu Shu said: you and I like the same style of rings, and I should also choose the same type of lovers. I want to tell you that the happiness of marriage depends mainly on women. This is not only to say that women should know how to manage marriage, but also that women should know how to manage themselves. Just like I used to be a good leader, now I want to be a good wife.

Seeing me stop talking, Shu Shu went on

For example, if you have a husband who doesnt like to buy gifts for you, he will be happy as long as he eats the food you cook for him; for example, if you have a husband who never likes to say that I love you, but as long as he knows that you have insomnia, he never forgets to tell you to go to bed early every night. This is happiness. In the bowl of marriage, in fact, every dish tastes the same. The key is that women should know how to make appetizers for themselves. In this way, even ordinary Chinese cabbage can taste the fragrance of rose


A week later, I was busy in the kitchen when my husband suddenly told me that someone had sent a small package from Shenzhen. Under his suspicious eyes, I opened the gift - the love silver ring I had seen in the comfortable jewelry box.

In front of my husband, I put the ring on the ring finger of my left hand. Who sent it? the husband asked anxiously I didnt answer for a long time. He was really in a hurry. He lowered his face to ask questions.

Let this elm pimple have a sense of crisis!

I was laughing in my heart. Shu Shu is right. Instead of waiting for him to find out, he might as well buy it back and surprise him. Actually, Shu Shu gave this ring to myself for me.