Preterm infants in July come back from the dead? What the parents said afterwards was shocking

 Preterm infants in July come back from the dead? What the parents said afterwards was shocking

Hands up, the child seems to cry.

Open a look, the child hands and feet disorderly, is actually alive! Mr. Xu ran to the rescue room.

However, he said that the baby was born prematurely. At that time, the umbilical cord was not tied. In the plastic bag, it was frozen for more than two hours. Due to lack of oxygen, he suffered from severe cerebral palsy.

Its really the pain of the whole family!

Why did the doctor tell Mr. Xu that he was born stillborn? Has the doctor examined the child? Is the fact what Mr. Xu said?

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Preterm infants in July come back from the dead? What the parents said afterwards was shocking (source: video synthesis)

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Cry to shake! The public third class a hospital judged the live baby as dead baby and threw it in bags. The parents were very angry!

Were really going to crash! Ive been shivering at the report! After crying several times, I fully understood the fathers madness! Who meets this matter not to be mad!

This is still the local public tertiary hospital! Youre kidding! A child was nearly killed in this way! We are so angry!

Believe us, anyone who sees this will be very angry!

This is my father. Actually, it happened on September 6 last year, and the media reported was Xiao Li from Henan Minsheng channel.

In order to prevent misunderstanding, we also made a special investigation, so as not to make some fake hospitals of Putian department. Then we found out that they were really public hospitals of grade three, such as fake replacement! Its the best hospital in the area!

Mr. Xus wife is not very well

The fetus died after caesarean section

Mr. Xu cried on the spot! After all, its a child of ones own mind. Which fathers heart can feel better? But he wanted to be his own child, dead or alive, and take it home to be buried.

Then when it was a little more than 12 oclock, the doctor said a baby boy was born by caesarean section.

The report did not say what the bag looked like. We speculated that it might be a kind of universal medical waste bag in which the children were placed.

The opening of the bag is tied. It is estimated that it is as shown in the figure below. You can first imagine how the child is placed in this bag:

hen! The most shocking thing happened!

While crying, Mr. Xu carried his child out. Just as he walked out of the hospital, he suddenly felt the bag on his hand move for a moment???????

We almost jumped up!

Mr. Xu was also scared to death. He quickly dried his tears and sent the child back to the hospital for rescue.

The more Mr. Xu said, the more excited he became.

Mr. Xu cried as he spoke. He opened the yellow bag, and the childs hands and feet moved disorderly and his whole body was purple. He didnt even tie the umbilical cord.

In fact, this child, as a premature infant, should have been rescued in time, but even in the modern medical environment can be misjudged as stillbirth? Look at the reaction of netizens, are angry!!

Mr. Xu was very angry, because of this misjudgment, the child was stuffy in the plastic bag for more than 2 hours, even stuffy with freezing, which brought irreparable damage to the child! The child has severe cerebral palsy!

The parents cried several times in front of the reporters camera. Its really miserable. A good child will get severe cerebral palsy!

What surprised us even more was that the attending doctor even talked about the truth in the textbook????

See here, the host Xiao Li is angry! Isnt it time to examine the childs life and death after the dissection?

The attending doctor said that the examination, but the childs heartbeat is very weak.

Mr. Xu immediately blew up when he heard this! Extreme anger! How can you tell me that the baby is dead?

In fact, the man was not the attending doctor at all. He didnt understand the situation at that time, but he repeatedly asked Mr. Xu to shut up and stop talking. Mr. Xu was out of control. Say to the man, do you know whats going on inside?

As you can see, Mr. Xu was extremely angry, and the whole person was shaking with anger! The host and the people around him hastily dissuade, the man also opposed Mr. Xu: you dont mean me!

And the obstetrics and Gynecology attending physician immediately said the words to our dismay! Said that it was not their fault, but their families signed to give up rescue?

Mr. Xu was angry again and said that this was not signed by himself, but by the pregnant women who were already in the process of operation. He didnt know about it. How could the pregnant women at that time make a judgment when they were in such a terrible pain?

Host Xiao Li asked the doctor, then the survival of the fetus out of the situation have told the father?

Mr. Xu got excited again and said that he had never told me whether the fetus was alive or dead.

We are also extremely confused.

Generally speaking, under any circumstances, we must wait for the fetus to come out and see the situation. However, Mr. Xus document of dead fetus taking away by himself has not been operated at all!

How can we judge the real life and death of the fetus without caesarean section?

The child has been sentenced to death without being born?

We were very surprised that this document was signed 3 hours before the operation!

Feel the anger of Mr. Xu:

Host Xiao Li cant help but ask the doctor again: did you inform Mr. Xu of the possibility of fetal survival at that time? The doctor confirmed that he had been informed.

But even if I interviewed Mr. Xus wife, she said that she didnt say anything at all. If a child is told that there is hope of survival, which mother will give up her child?

After listening to the doctors such fallacies, Mr. Xu lost his temper again!

You told us it was dead. If you said it might be alive earlier, how could my daughter-in-law sign it?

We are also shocked by the hospitals theory. According to the hospitals statement to pregnant women and their families, the child is dead and there is no consideration that the child may survive.

The child was sentenced to death. No wonder Mr. Xu was so angry that his tears came out!

I have been given a final conclusion before. Why should the dead fetus carry away by themselves?

Mr. Xu was extremely angry and asked repeatedly, have you told me that the child may come out alive?

Mr. Xus grief and anger have reached the peak, repeatedly repeating do you tell me? Did you tell me?

At this time, the hospital did not admit the mistake, but the man with the mask said: isnt it actively rescuing now?

We almost slapped it! This is too messy! Whats the reason? No responsibility for active treatment?

The mask bureaucrats Taijiquan Kung Fu is reflected again. In a word, it denies the responsibility of the hospital: Childrens health is not the responsibility of the hospital.

Mr. Xu jumped up again! It wasnt you who caused it?

Host Xiao Li also excited, asked if out of the operating room to tell the child there is a heartbeat, would you choose to give up the child and carry the child in a plastic bag?

Mr. Xu said it was impossible! We must save the child!

Now the reality is that the hospital has repeatedly told him that the child is dead.

The doctors attitude also completely angered netizens

Its a big deal. The local health commission means an administrative mediation.

And the hospitals responsible fever shows that they understand the feelings of their families and are spurted by netizens!

The mood of netizens is in the barrage

Many netizens cried

(function(){( window.slotbydup=window .slotbydup||[]).push({id:u5811557,container:ssp_ 5811557, async:true }We dont know how to deal with this matter in the end. Children with severe cerebral palsy will be destroyed all their lives. Who will bear the loss Ah I dont know how you feel after watching it? Talk about it? (source: mordunan) this article is from Li Xi, editor in charge of Henan Radio and television station_ NN2587

We dont know how to deal with this matter in the end. Children with severe cerebral palsy will be destroyed all their lives. Who will bear the loss Ah

I dont know how you feel after watching it? Talk about it? (source: mordoran)