Lets go completely! The mayor of Portland said to trump with a sore breath: you made the hatred!

 Lets go completely! The mayor of Portland said to trump with a sore breath: you made the hatred!

According to CNN, at a news conference held on the 30th local time, Ted Wheeler first asked, Mr. President, do you really want to know why this is the first such serious violence in the United States in decades?

Its you who create hatred and division; its you who cant find a way to name the black people killed by the police, even if the law enforcement people have said it; its you who claim that white supremacists are good people, he added, your fear movement is anti democratic, just like the hatred and abuse you create in our beautiful country.

The tough comments came a day after trump supporters clashed with protestors who denounced police brutality in downtown Poland, killing one person. CNN said the protest over Freuds kneeling at the time of the shooting had continued into the citys 95th day. The protest was triggered by the kneeling of George Floyd by white police in May, and intensified after the seven shot incident of black man Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

According to the report, Wheeler also directly yelled to trump at the meeting. He sighed, in the past four years, we have to be with you, with your racist attacks on black people..

The mayor of Portland held a press conference on August 30.

In the speech that followed, Wheeler went even further: we knew for a long time your sexist attitude towards women. We have to put up with your mockery of the disabled. We have to listen to your anti democratic attacks on journalists. Weve seen you attack citizens on twitter, to the point where theyve been offered death threats, and weve heard your attacks on immigrants

CNN listed a series of tough remarks of Wheeler that day in subsequent reports: u2193

Weve heard you label Mexicans rapists, and weve heard you say John McCain is not a hero because hes a prisoner of war. . Now, you are attacking the Democratic mayor and the democracy that has served this country since the founding of the peoples Republic of China.

President trump, you didnt bring peace. You dont respect our democracy. You, Mr. President, need to do your job as leader of the country, and as for me, Mr. President, I will perform my duties as mayor of this city.

We will all take responsibility and we should do so.

Of course, trump did not sit around and ignore it. In the face of protests and scuffles in Portland, as well as fierce attacks from the mayor, trump sent four tweets on the night of the 30th local time. He denounced the protest and directed the spearhead at Ted Wheeler, calling him a fool and eccentric, trying to get together with anarchists, while Portland needed law and order.

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