Failure of contact with China does not conform to the facts

 Failure of contact with China does not conform to the facts

Fu Gaoyi expressed different opinions on the view that confrontation with China is the Washington consensus by some people in the United States. Taking the publication of an open letter by more than 100 former politicians, experts and scholars in the United States last year as an example, he stressed that there are still many people who disagree with some of the current extreme views in various research institutions in the United States, even within the U.S. government.

In July last year, more than 100 former US politicians, experts and scholars published an open letter in the Washington Post on the topic of China is not the enemy. They stressed that the practice of regarding China as an enemy and trying to decouple from China would damage the international reputation of the United States and the economic interests of all countries in the world. Fu Gaoyi is one of the initiators of the open letter.

After Nixon became president of the United States in 1969, Fu Gaoyi wrote to Nixon together with Fei Zhengqing, a well-known American expert on China, and other scholars, suggesting that he should have contacts with China and increase exchanges between the two sides. Fu Gaoyi believed that although the two sides have problems and differences in economic and trade and other fields, we can not deny the achievements and necessity of decades of contact and cooperation between the two sides.

Fu Gaoyi said that at present, a large number of Chinese students are studying in the United States, and the enterprises of the two sides are also deeply integrated. The United States and China are closely linked and it is difficult to separate them artificially..

(Washington, August 30, by wire)