29 people died in Shanxi Hotel collapse

 29 people died in Shanxi Hotel collapse

On August 30, 2020, the rescue work on the scene of the collapse accident of a hotel in Xiangfen, Shanxi Province has been completed. At present, 29 people have been killed and 7 seriously injured.

On the evening of August 30, a reporter from the interface noticed at the scene of the incident in Chenzhuang village, Taosi Township, Xiangfen county that the surrounding area of Juxian hotel was blocked by a cordon, and the collapsed banquet hall was completely exposed outdoors, and the traces of the roof and the east wall were almost invisible. In the center of the banquet hall, a large longevity character is particularly striking; in the northwest corner of the hall, a cracked ceiling is crumbling.

Many villagers in Anli village, Taosi Township, recalled to the interface news reporters that when the incident happened, the east wall of the banquet hall collapsed first and then the whole ceiling collapsed. Besides in the banquet hall, a man who passed by outside the east wall was also killed.

A fireman from Taosi squadron of Xiangfen County who had participated in the rescue told the interface news that when he arrived at the scene, the scene was very chaotic, and the villagers nearby spontaneously rescued the scene and called out for the rescue. The area with the largest number of casualties was mainly concentrated in the banquet hall in the middle. The main buildings of the front hall and backyard were not affected too much, so no more serious casualties were caused.

According to the list of victims released by the rescue and rescue headquarters of the 8.29 accident, 24 of them came from Anli village.

It is understood that at the time of the incident, an old man surnamed Li in Anli village was celebrating his 80th birthday in Juxian hotel. The Li family invited more than 100 people, including relatives, friends and neighbors, to the banquet.

According to the memory of a villager surnamed Li in Anli village, according to the local tradition of early noodles and lunch, everyone ate Shaozi noodles together at seven or eight oclock in the morning. Those who are alive will go out to work in advance, and those who are not will stay to listen to the Opera and wait for lunch..

He (an old man at a birthday party) likes folk art. He usually plays erhu. He thinks its not easy to live at his age, so his family invites people to sing and sing for fun. Its not much of a professional stage team. Basically, theyre all opera lovers around. Theres no tradition of inviting opera troupes to celebrate their birthday. Villagers surnamed Li said that at the time of the incident, the opera performance was in the backyard of the hotel, and most people went out to listen to the opera, so they survived.

However, due to the hot weather on the day of the incident, some of the farmers who did not go out chatted and ate melon seeds in the hall. If it wasnt for singing, it would have been more people buried in the banquet hall. Li recalled.

According to the map, Anli village, where the old man surnamed Li lives, is less than two or three kilometers away from Juxian hotel in Chenzhuang village. According to local villagers, this hotel has been open for more than 20 years, and banquets of several villages around Taosi township are basically arranged here.

I remember that when I was in junior high school, their family had opened a hotel for at least 20 years. The hotel was built by their own family, and their scale was gradually expanding. Mr. Liang, who lives in Xiangfen County, told interface news that he and the son of the owner of Juxian hotel were junior high school classmates, and Qi Jianhua was the name of his classmates father. After graduating from junior high school, his classmate worked as a cook in a restaurant to help. Later, he heard that the couple had bought a room in the county and recently set up a night market in Linfen. Therefore, the old couple usually took care of Juxian hotel.

The ceiling is covered with a row of color steel rooms, and people come out of the rooms on the second floor in the north, just in time to enjoy the cool. As for whether the cover and terrain are the cause of the collapse, the firefighters involved in the rescue said that the relevant staff of the emergency management department are currently investigating.

Precast slab is the floor slab used in the early 20th century buildings. It is convenient and fast to transport it to the construction site for installation. Now housing construction has eliminated this way, changed to frame structure, reinforced concrete structure, safety and quality further improved. A construction industry personage told the interface news that the precast slab belongs to the design standard of the last century, and the design service life is generally 30-50 years, but the structural stability is far less than the current cast-in-place reinforced concrete structure. During the 512 earthquake, a large number of prefabricated slab buildings collapsed.

According to the China emergency management news, on August 30, the Shanxi Provincial Peoples government has set up the Xiangfen county 829 Hotel collapse investigation team to investigate the accident.

Xue Junzheng, leader of the accident investigation team and director of the Safety Commission Office of Shanxi provincial government, said that the accident investigation team will do a good job in accident investigation with a high degree of responsibility, find out the cause of the accident as soon as possible, find out the nature and responsibility of the accident, and investigate the responsibilities of relevant units and personnel according to law, and at the same time, profoundly summarize the lessons of the accident and put forward preventive measures to effectively promote the work of safety in production.

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Shanxi Linfen Hotel collapsed, the old man knelt down to apologize: very guilty

Linfen Hotel collapsed, the old man knelt down to apologize: very guilty (source: video synthesis)

A hotel collapsed in Shanxi Province, and the old man over his birthday made a voice [sure enough Video: Linfen Hotel collapsed, the old man knelt down and apologized: Im very guilty] u0dcf 29 people died in the collapse of Linfen hotel in Shanxi Province. On August 29, a hotel in Xiangfen, Shanxi collapsed. It is reported that the rescue work has been completed at 3:45 on August 30, and 57 people have been rescued, including 29 dead, 7 seriously injured and 21 slightly injured. At the time of the incident, Uncle Li was celebrating his 80th birthday. Uncle Li said that it was his birthday tomorrow. In order to send his children to school, he advanced his birthday to a day. He didnt expect an accident. When his wife was buried and rescued, his face was covered with blood. Unfortunately, he died.

Why do the octogenarians bear the blame for 29 deaths caused by collapsed hotels in Shanxi?

With the end of rescue work, the incident of Hotel collapse in Linfen, Shanxi Province, officially entered the stage of inquiry into the accident. At the same time, Uncle Li, who held his 80th birthday party in a hotel, was also promoted to the media. Although we are very clear that the Hotel collapse has nothing to do with Uncle Lis birthday party, he has become the object of intense media attention.

According to Mr. Li in an interview with the media, August 30 is his right day, but in order to send his children to school, the birthday party will be held one day ahead of schedule. But, also in this days difference, has occurred this kind of bloody disaster. As Mr. Li said, this hotel has a history of more than 20 years. Many people come to eat every day. I didnt expect that there would be an accident in the hotel.

To a certain extent, Uncle Li was really unlucky. This birthday party not only involved relatives and friends, but also killed his wife, who was two years younger. Although, from the rational level, there is no causal relationship between holding birthday party and hotel collapse. However, back to the secular scale, Uncle Li may not be able to eliminate his label of hard life until he dies. Especially, the longer he lives, the heavier the accusation is.

As a matter of fact, there will always be two parallel scales for this Hotel collapse incident. One is to simply think that this is an accident of building collapse; the other is to carry out some farfetched causal logic and make a rather strange analysis and identification. As far as one is concerned, it belongs to the logic of official rehabilitation, while second is naturally the logic of public opinion intervention.

Although the second has no effect on the aftermath of the incident, it can stir up public opinion and make the event become evil. Therefore, we can understand why on social media, many people emphasize: dont interview the elderly. They are so old. Dont let him describe the process again and again. Its really unbearable to talk about human nature..

After all, for Uncle Li, he is also a victim. You know, in such a disaster, Uncle Li has to bear the pain of losing some of his relatives and friends, but also has to bear the incalculable self blame. Although, in the sense of reason, he should not bear it alone, but in the scale of human nature, he may not die in peace.

The questioning of public opinion and Mr. Lis response have obviously entered the category of hard bar. To some extent, even if we dislike the rural peoples Congress for holding birthday banquet, it does not mean that the original sin of holding birthday banquet is the cause of hotel collapse. Therefore, all the questioning and accusations of Uncle Li are not fair enough.

You know, as far as this birthday banquet is concerned, it is a lifelong shadow for Uncle Li, as well as for his relatives and friends. From the situation of Uncle Li, he is already 80 years old. Considering the limit of his life, he is enough. After all, for the 80 year old birthday party, this is a salute to the limit of life. Although many people who are 80 years old can still live longer.

Unfortunately, Uncle Lis life is perfect, but his life picture is sad. After all, as far as the bereaved relatives and friends are concerned, he cant bear it. Even for the 80 year old, they may have looked down on their own life and death, and hope that the younger generation can have a good future and healthy body. Therefore, for Uncle Li, how can we not be sad?

In addition, many people stressed that the tragedy was due to the inadequate supervision of dangerous buildings. However, for such an old hotel with a history of more than 20 years, if there has never been an abnormal building body, it is very difficult to enter the regulatory line of sight. This is especially true for the buildings in villages and towns. Therefore, to a large extent, it can only be called accident.

Of course, such an event will certainly trigger periodic surprise inspections by the regulatory authorities. However, we should be clear that in order to completely avoid the recurrence of similar events, in addition to good supervision, we should strengthen supervision in construction. Only in this way can we overcome future troubles and keep us away from tragedies.

As for Mr. Lis examination, please exercise restraint as much as possible, whether it is at the level of official rehabilitation or media public opinion. Only in this way, Uncle Lis 80 year old nightmare will not continue to ferment. As for those presumptions on the level of fate, please dont be too presumptuous, because Uncle Lis fate is already very miserable, so dont add fuel to the fire.

Twenty four of the 29 dead died in the collapse of a Shanxi hotel. 29 people died in the collapse of Shanxi hotel. The boss was controlled. Relatives of the owner of the collapsed hotel made a voice