Trumps approval rating has soared again, and he will face to face with Biden next month

 Trumps approval rating has soared again, and he will face to face with Biden next month

Photo source: visual China

Reporter Cui Puyu

The long-term contradictions in American society continue to ferment, and the presidential election situation of the two parties is becoming increasingly uncertain.

On Saturday afternoon local time, kinosha, Wisconsin, again ushered in a thousand people demonstration. The protestors chanted the life of a black man is his life and there is no peace without justice.

At the same time, the national guard is standing by to prevent the recurrence of the riots earlier this week. The NBA playoffs, which were once affected by the incident, have stopped their strike.

Jacob Blake, a 29 year old African American man, was shot seven times in the back by white police officers as he approached his SUV last Saturday (August 23), while his three children were sitting in the car. The incident quickly surfaced online, making the city of 100000 people the center of demonstrations against racial discrimination and police brutality in the United States.

President trump said on Saturday that he might visit Kenosha, but did not provide details.

Blake faces three criminal charges related to domestic abuse. The charges stem from an incident in May 2020 in which he was charged with illegally invading a house and sexually assaulting a woman.

Police shootings led to several days of protests in the city of Kenosha, where protestors burned cars, smashed building windows and clashed with police. Governor Tony Evers had to impose a curfew and declare a state of emergency in the state, while sending hundreds of members of the National Guard to help maintain law and order.

Since then, local demonstrations have been largely peaceful. By Friday, more than 1000 members of the National Guard had been deployed, many of them from outside the state.

On Friday, Washington, D.C., also held the largest demonstration since the outbreak. Tens of thousands of people gathered in front of the Lincoln Memorial Hall to denounce the recent violent law enforcement of African Americans by the US police and called for ethnic equality during the demonstration called take your knee off our necks..

The day marks the 57th anniversary of the famous speech I have a dream by Martin Luther King, leader of the civil rights movement. Martin Luther Kings descendants, George Freuds relatives, and Blakes family all took part in the demonstration and delivered speeches.

May 25, Minneapolis, Minneapolis, an African American man, Freud, was kneeling to his neck by a white policeman for nearly nine minutes before he died. The video shows him pleading, I cant breathe.. The incident triggered a large-scale protest against racial discrimination and violent law enforcement in the United States.

In a speech on the day of the demonstration in Washington, trump said that people protesting racial discrimination and police violence were making trouble.. They are not protestors. They are anarchists, demagogues, thugs, looters, trump said at a rally at Manchester Airport in New Hampshire.

At this weeks Republican National Congress, trump gave full play to the advantage of holding the highest executive power and took the opportunity to make a big speech, making law and order to suppress violent protests as one of the campaign themes. But rival Biden appears to be too low-key.

On September 29th, Trump and Biden will participate in the first TV debate, and they will have the opportunity to attack each other face-to-face.

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