Be wise, be wise and lose money

 Be wise, be wise and lose money

Then tomorrow there will be no tomorrow, and there will be no following.

During the marriage period, we were close to each other and tried to make money.

It can be said that those years were the highest light moment in his life. Every month, he had at least tens of thousands of yuan in profit, and more than several hundred thousand yuan.

Unfortunately, the good days didnt last long. He played with the waiters in the shop behind my back and was caught by me.

I later learned that they were not clean from the beginning. The waiter was thinking of going to the top and pushing me back. I guess he wanted to be the bosss wife.

I was angry, but I chose to divorce. On the one hand, I was angry and felt provoked.

On the other hand, we have the confidence, because in the catering industry, we rely on the delicacy and service to retain customers. How the food is produced depends on me. Many customers come to our restaurant to eat, and they come for me.

The strange thing is: after his divorce from me, he seemed to have bad luck. He went bankrupt, filed a lawsuit, and was forced to borrow money by usury. None of them went smoothly.

After being with him, the waiter asked for money from him for various reasons. Later, he transferred his shop to her own.

Later, it was found that this was more like a well planned game in the Bureau, set in the set.

After the shop arrived, the waiter was with another waiter in the shop at that time, and got married.

All this seems to have been planned from the beginning, just waiting for him to get into the set.

Its a pity that he couldnt control his lower body, so he was pushed forward.

Later, I learned from my mutual friends that his parents, in the year when he was in debt, had a heart attack and died.

Children are also around me, and gradually become my little helper. They can help me deal with the things in the store, and I cant do a lot of housework at home.

I am not afraid that others say that my children are children of single parent families. In this world, there are many children whose parents are around, but their parent-child relationship is like a stranger.

But my child, early sensible, considerate mother is not easy, but let me worry less.

Do not pull people in the abyss. Once you reach out, he may drag you down, or even stab you in the back. Dont expect the day when the prodigal son returns.

The so-called prodigal son back, but after weighing the pros and cons of the choice, he can not find a more cost-effective woman than you.

Romance Roland once said: in marriage, everyone has to pay the price, but also to take back something, this is the law of supply and demand.

The marriage game is a war without gunpowder smoke, which is related to the mood and happiness of every family member. The main battlefield is family, husband and wife are both sides of the enemy and us, and children are reserve forces.

We are willing to put into this battlefield, call our own wisdom to observe the other half, can not help but be affected by the frequent good news.

All the men and women in the besieged city hurt themselves as well as their lovers.

When they choose to enter into marriage, they have to bear obligations and responsibilities. It is said that when God created man, he took one of Adams ribs to create Eve, which depended on each other.


Author: tease, focus on the study of sexual marriage.