Lin youyou vs Yang Yan: why can the third party always withdraw from the whole body?

 Lin youyou vs Yang Yan: why can the third party always withdraw from the whole body?


Lets take a look at Lin you in thirty

I dont believe it. Shes a simple girl. I dont believe it. Its the first time that she and Xu Huashan did. Xu Huashan, what do you think? A girl who is so resourceful will walk into your life and your marriage step by step. And, quietly, destroy everything. Some people say that Xu Huashan is a man who cant stand the temptation. He will betray Gu Jia sooner or later, and Lin youyou appears at this time - thats all. But Lin has her unscrupulous means, which makes people shudder. Xu Huashan is just the thing in her bag. Is it possible to get it?

You see, he resigned all the way to Xu Huashans city and his companys downstairs. Then, he expressed his admiration for Xu Huashan. Then, he pretended to be pathetic and moved to a mess. Men like this posture of being looked up to, so what should have happened and what should not have happened happened. Xu Huashan did not know that this woman was deliberately pinching him to death. Xu Huashans unbearable in the heart is the other sides chip. Sure enough, the palace was forced.


Lets take a look at Yang Yan in white moonlight

Yang Yantu and Zhang Xin is a good father, which is the best choice for Wang Lu. But Zhang Xin and Zhang Yi are good, so she has to set a pattern for each other, and must let Zhang Xin divorce Zhang Yi and then marry herself. Im pulled away from the world of sympathy. Is he just a pathetic tool man? Finally, he was separated from Yang Yan. Yang Yan has no loss, even her son Wang Lu forgives her. Well, you can live without a man. (article / Piaoyu Tong) Yang Yans ending is nothing to lose.