Its better to raise a rich wife than to raise a child rich. it was said in my heart!

 Its better to raise a rich wife than to raise a child rich. it was said in my heart!

It is not money and poverty that kills your marriage, but the sense of security that has been consumed over a long period of time. You are not afraid of poverty. What you fear is that poverty has no hope and no sense of security.

So you dont see how much money a man has, but how much he is willing to pay you. Spending money is an important way to prove that a man loves a woman.

I have seen such a small story before, which is very touching.

In a company, there is a man with very strong business ability and working harder than others, but he has not been favored by the boss. Although he is very confused, he firmly believes that gold will always shine.

Until one day the boss told the truth.

It turns out that this man has always been concerned about his work, just want to get ahead of himself, concentrate on his work, and never care about the things at home.

Moreover, he was indifferent to his wife and children. He turned a blind eye to his wifes illness or childrens crying and continued to work. Finally, one day, his wife couldnt bear all this and asked him for a divorce. In order not to delay work, the child also gave his wife.

How can a man who cant even care about his family become a man. Everyone, together with his wife who is sleeping in bed, doesnt care about his pay, and how can he take care of others?

A wife is the geomantic omen of a family. The quality of a wife can affect three generations. There is nothing wrong with it.

My aunt is nearly forty this year, but she is not old at all. You cant see the trace of years in her body.

Because the uncle never let the aunt suffer, in life is the details. Although they were poor and destitute when they first got married, their uncle made them live a good life by their own efforts.

Although I was exhausted from social intercourse, my uncle would not keep a straight face when I came home. He always showed his best to his wife.

When it comes to new years festivals, they will prepare tickets in advance to let aunts go home to visit their parents. What they like is not ambiguous

Let no one fail her. She gave me the confidence to persist when I had nothing.

No matter how strong a woman is, she is also vulnerable in her feelings.

Before I got married, mustache asked me a very strange question: how much do you want a husband to earn?

I said, if you dont like it, you wont marry a millionaire; if you like it, youll marry a billionaire.

After all, you always want to marry rich people.

There are exceptions. I sighed.

What if youre with me? He asked naturally.

Thats enough money to eat enough.

He thought for a moment and then asked, do you eat too much?

I replied very carefully: not much, not much. I can eat less later. With these words, I became the wife of the bearded Jose

I like rich people very much, but if its you, eat enough.

Therefore, company is the best way for a woman to be rich. A strong arm is better than a thousand words. The beloved woman has no fear.

Marriage is not only fuel, but also an attitude and vision. Smart men know how to build a happy family with rich support as their vision.

After marriage, passion fades and color peels off. Firewood, rice, oil and salt have become the main melody of life.

In most families, for the sake of children has become the tacit consensus of both husband and wife.

To be sure, childrens future matters. But the future of a mother is important to the whole family.

Some people say: a good wife, happy three generations.

A rich wife, confident and beautiful, will take care of the whole family.

A rich wife, intelligent and calm, will produce excellent children.

A rich wife, generous and kind, contributes to her husbands career.

Any healthy family, first of all, revolves around the wife. Over investment in children and contempt for wife will only lead to unbalanced family structure.

Mother is the first educator of a child. If even the mother is unhappy and unhappy, no matter how good the cram school is for the child, the lack of maternal love education can not be retrieved.

There is a good saying: the best education in the world is that father loves mother. Parents harmonious mode of getting along with each other will give children the right values and a good outlook on life.

I hope every man will understand this truth.

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