To September: may all your summer regrets be the bedding for autumn surprises

 To September: may all your summer regrets be the bedding for autumn surprises

In September, we came.


Dont waste your time in September

Ive heard a friend say this:

The best life is, firewood, rice, oil, salt, soy sauce, vinegar, tea, wine, music, chess, poetry, calligraphy and painting.

To meet the needs of material life, there should also be space for spiritual life, simple but exquisite, peaceful and substantial.

In fact, the days are very trivial. In a day, an hour, and a minute, most of our time is devoted to money. There are hardships and grievances, as well as merits and regrets.

Sometimes tired for a long time, only to find that, for the reality, for the future, but forget life.

More complaint, less joy. More sorrow, less satisfaction.

We envy those who can always make life into poetry, their eyes are hidden in the heart of the eternal love.

In the circle of friends, there is a girl like this. She has a 6-year-old child. After work, she can manage her life well.

Sometimes, at dinner, we develop a new dish, or copy calligraphy, teach ourselves a new musical instrument, and raise flowers in a yard

In September, we should turn our days into poems and live up to our time.


In September, to give the heart to autumn wind, learn to release

There are many stories in this midsummer.

The heart seems to be buried in the whole sky, or anxiety, or uneasiness, or irritability, or depression.

Now, September, autumn girls are coming, summer story let it stay, with the autumn wind, gradually drift away.

Dont be reluctant to part. Those bad memories will eventually become bubbles floating in the air and broken. Those sad low ebb, also always with time, began to climb up the trend.

Dont let yourself shed tears easily. When you smile, the whole world laughs. But when you cry, you are the only one in the world.

There is no big deal, there is no one who cant forget. Life is moving forward, and the heart should go forward. Roar, let go of the past and be yourself.

In September, to give the heart to autumn wind, learn to release.

In September, we should turn courage into wings and forge ahead

Schiller said that the pace of time has three kinds: the future comes late, the present flies like an arrow, and the past never moves.

Its only now that you need to put 99% of your energy into it.

The past is past, and the future is still the future. Today is the most critical factor in determining tomorrow.

The best time to plant a tree was 10 years ago, followed by now.

Summon up the courage to pursue your dream, take every step steadily, dont give up easily, dont say I cant at the beginning.

Life never sets a limit for anyone. The chain you think is just your inner self-restraint.

If you want to, do it. If you want to do it, do it. Courage with execution is the real courage.

How good will the future be if you dont dare to be brave for yourself now?

The times are changing too fast. You who were three months ago decided who you are now and who you are three months later.

In September, we should turn courage into wings and forge ahead.

In September, we should insist on the results and live up to our expectations

Think of Ma Yun once said: today is cruel, tomorrow is more cruel, but the day after tomorrow is very beautiful, the vast majority of people died in tomorrow night.

Long term efforts will eventually bring about the proper outcome, even if the outcome is not good enough, we will also reap the growth we deserve in this process.

Summer regret will be gently resolved by the autumn wind, no matter what the summer is not successful, the way to go or go.

In September, we should make sure that the flowers that bear fruit will live up to our expectations.

In September, we should leave love to those who are worth it, not regret

There will always be some time when we begin to understand that not all love is worth it, and not everyone is worthy of sincere love.

After being hurt and hurt, he woke up, but also lost the courage of trust and love.

In fact, looking back, the most worthy of our pay and care, will always be our family.

If you get hurt outside, go home and talk to your parents on the phone. The feedback they give you is enough to make you feel warm.

When parents are old, go home more often. What they lack is not money, nor perfunctory greetings, but sincere companionship.

Dont affect your mood because of someone who is not worth it. Please remember that in this world, there will always be a person who loves you in silence.

Some feelings, need to cherish, some feelings, should let go.

In fact, there are a lot of good people and bad people in this world. There are many people with a heart full of heart and a lot of people with true feelings.

What matters is not the person, but the effort. For you, there is no regret.

In September, we should leave love to those who are worth it, not regret.


September is a brief end and a new beginning

Summer unfinished story, please continue in autumn. Summer has embraced the regret, please wave goodbye in autumn.

In September, a lot of good things are about to happen.

The children continued to go to school, and the students who took the college entrance examination under the epidemic situation finally went to the University of their dreams. The Mid Autumn Festival and national day came hand in hand. Pomegranates, grapefruit and oranges will be on the market one after another. The weather is not cold or hot, so it is suitable to go out for autumn outing

September is also about to usher in a better you, that after the first eight months of growth and transformation of you, that more understanding of life, more appreciate you, that hard-working, persistent you, that desperate to achieve their own you.

September is a brief end and a new beginning.

May all the regrets in summer be the bedding for autumn surprise.

Wish you better.

Mutual encouragement