Dont say its OK. I want to hold you.

 Dont say its OK. I want to hold you.

When Chi Zi, a talk show actor, went to high school, her mother got brain cancer;

From walking unsteadily to standing up, and then the right hand can not be lifted up;

Later, there was no rule of law, so we had to wait for death.

Talking about this sad past, the 25-year-old Chi Zis tone is not too turbulent.

Probably because of the similar experiences, I can understand ikeko in particular.

When I was in junior high school, my mother had progressive hypothermia.

But my father and I never gave up and took good care of my mother.

Later, I wrote these things in the book, and many readers cried.

Ask me, is it when I write, also in secret tears.

Actually, on the contrary, I mentioned the details of my mothers illness and even the end of her life.

Even when I mention my mother everyday, I smile and say: I wish she was here.

Optimism is not something funny to laugh at; optimism is to laugh at bad things.

Its not suffering and losing emotion;

It is to understand that there is no real empathy between people.

It not only accepts others ignorance, but also gives us the possibility of rebirth.

In sociology, there is a way to make friends with high success rate

Two people exchange each others pain.

Youve had people who you cant love, and so am I;

Youve lost the most precious thing, and so have I.

You can smile at 1000 people, but only a few will cry.

Can see through your smile behind the bitter people, to understand your vulnerability.

After her mother died in a car accident, Tan songyun seldom appeared in the public view.

Later, I was asked: do you have any wishes?

If a person who always laughs, one day cries;

Its not because shes sad, but because she cant hold back

But I dont know. He is actually a pessimist.

He thinks the best comedy is a smile with tears.

At that time, the smile was not an expression, but a resonance.

Its because I understand your experience, so I feel your emotions.

But when the crowd dispersed, he also said calmly:

The more you lack, the more you know how to fill others deficiencies;

When you see someone else happy, you feel like youre experiencing it

Once upon a time, he was so fragile that he was full of tears;

Later, he found that he had a long way to go.

To accept sadness does not mean to endure or submit;

Its about being more positive and courageous, looking for solutions.

Those who always smile and are easy to be happy live a more open-minded life.

Everyone is busy in the era of independence, laughter is the shield;

Only fragile and tears, is a persons heart to heart card.

Every time I chat with my friends, when I ask them: whats wrong with you?

What Im afraid to hear is not: Im in trouble.

Its just two simple words: its OK.

So, when a friend told me, Im not happy.;

I immediately realized that at the moment, he must need me very much.

Just like in we cant be beasts, the female owner is a bright white-collar;

Behind his back, he suffered from domestic violence, high-pressure work and all kinds of disappointments.

She did not show any vulnerability, but also relaxed in her boyfriends embrace.

Listen to me gently.

Someone will show up and put your emotions in place.