Stories, collections, climbing up the mountain

 Stories, collections, climbing up the mountain

Although no one said anything about him, he could not bear the blow. He ran to climb the mountain and stood on the mountain facing the wind. But the weather is not beautiful, suddenly it began to rain cats and dogs.

He felt the rock sliding under his feet. He was very afraid and went down the mountain in a panic.

The boy could not help shouting at the mountain people: uncle, dont climb up, the wind and rain on the mountain is more severe.

The mountain people looked up at him who was about to go down the mountain and called out: silly boy, dont go down the mountain. If the mountain landslide, you will be buried under it. Its better to climb up the mountain at this time. Although the wind and rain are bigger, as long as we avoid the soft soil and find a stable big stone to live in, it will be safer.

The boy thought it was reasonable. He changed his direction and climbed up the mountain with the mountain people in the face of the wind and rain. He found a stable big rock and hid behind. It was safe.