For the rest of my life, find a person with the same frequency.

 For the rest of my life, find a person with the same frequency.

But I dont know from when, we always seem to be separated from the insurmountable ravines, and the relationship between each other is also gradually moving away.

When two people stay together, they even feel embarrassed.

She likes to eat sweet, and I like spicy food; she loves suspense reasoning, and I am addicted to variety comedy; she only digests everything in her heart, but I am the one to share all the trivial matters.

Because life is not on the same channel, no matter how hard we try, we always run counter to each other. Later, we had to separate and not live together.

Because the frequency of people, it is difficult to produce resonance, together with each other will be depressed and aggrieved, can not get real spiritual relaxation.

I dont know if youve ever had a similar experience.

Is clearly and the most loved one together, but often feel lonely.

When I was young, I didnt understand, but after much experience, I found that many times, it was not that they were not good at each other, but that they were not on the same channel at all. Therefore, no matter what they were talking about, they all felt that they were boring.

Its like: you almost miss the bus because you work overtime temporarily, and you are so nervous that you want to cry, but the other party thinks that you are too sensitive to trifles;

You share the people and things you meet with him; he is expressionless, but turns to talk about the country, the country, astronomy and geography;

He doesnt care about the good life you yearn for; he cant understand everything you care about.

Its as if you live on a disjoint runway, without common language, the pace of life is always fast and slow, so although you love each other, you will feel lonely in the long years of life.

The direction of the two peoples efforts is not the same. Stalin has been moving forward, but his ex girlfriend is still in the same place. Stalin cant persuade his ex girlfriend to follow his own pace, and Stalin cant do the same as his ex girlfriend to enjoy a comfortable life. Therefore, each other slowly began to be unable to understand each other, and communication became difficult.

So two people walk, after all, or lost.

Some people say that everyone has his own frequency. Only the right person can have the same frequency. People with the same frequency can resonate even if their phase is different for a while.

The love between people with different frequency of life may be just like the love between seabirds and fish, but it is an accident and will eventually be separated by the torrent of life.

The best destination of love is to find a person with the same frequency.

TA can understand the bitterness in your heart, and will accompany you to work hard and make progress together. Many things can fit in without saying much.

I hope the other party can see the soft part in our heart through the surface, and hope that the other party can accompany themselves and become stronger together.

As the elegance of the hedgehog says:

Yes, everyone is born lonely, and with the same frequency of people, feelings have resonance, in order to have a good understanding.

I have to admit that it is not necessary to deliberately disguise and compromise love, in order to truly nourish each other and make common progress.

It may not be easy to start with the same channel, but the bitterness and bitterness experienced by two people together is enough to comfort the whole life.

And you will eventually find that the person with the same frequency is the best choice in love.

Finally, click watching. I sincerely hope that each of us can become the lucky one.