Thats all I like about you

 Thats all I like about you

In front of him, you are small and humble, and the ups and downs of your emotions are all related to him. Looking at his circle of friends is like reading and understanding. You are careful to get close to him. You are afraid that your mind will be torn apart. You want to be with him, and you are afraid that the other party doesnt like yourself.

In those years like him, he is the only light in life, dazzling, extraordinary, often appear, will touch your heartstrings.


Haiyin loved Susheng for four years.

They met at school. Su Sheng is a senior student of Haiyin. He is humorous and funny. He is tall and big. He has clear eyebrows and warm smile. In him, he can find the characteristics that girls like.

Haiyin often attends the party between the students for some time, and Su Sheng is also one of them. When they see each other many times, they become familiar with each other.

One time, when Haiyin had too much to drink, Su Sheng took the initiative to send her back to her dormitory. They walked side by side on the road, looking up at the stars with their faces up. Because they didnt look down at the road, they almost tripped over the steps. Fortunately, they grabbed each others hands when they were about to fall to the ground.

The feelings between men and women are mostly produced in a moment.

Haiyin felt a little embarrassed after listening, and shyly lowered her head.


Haiyin became Su Shengs follower. He often went to the library for self-study, ate in the canteen, or sat on the basketball court to watch him play.

On the way to meet acquaintances asked, Su Sheng will introduce: this is my good friend.

There are so many possibilities between the two people, but once the relationship is added with the title of friend, it is difficult to take a closer step, and it becomes impossible before the beginning.

In front of the people we like, we all have a little inferiority.

The same is true of Haiyin, who always feels that it is not good enough. He can only keep a close relationship with him and dare not take a step forward at will.

When I was young, I liked a person and didnt know how to express it. When I knew the truth of love should be spoken out, the other party had been more and more far away from myself.


After su Sheng graduated, he went to Shanghai, and Haiyin followed him closely.

Two people occasionally meet for dinner, go shopping, watch movies, make complaints about their lives on WeChat, and they will also appear in front of each other when they need help.

They have known each other more and more for a long time, and they are more and more familiar with each other, but the sentence I like you is stuck in the throat and cant be opened.

Secretly in love with a person, can be friends is great luck, others dare not expect too much.

Over the years, Haiyin has been around Su Sheng and witnessed many important moments in his life.

When Su Sheng quarreled with his girlfriend, Haiyin advised him: girls should be spoiled.

Su Sheng is lovelorn. Haiyin accompanies him to get drunk. While drinking, he comforts: you are so good, you will surely meet better girls.

Su Sheng wants to reunite with his predecessor, but Haiyin still fully supports him and helps him figure out his speech.

When Su Sheng was about to get married, Haiyin said with a smile, Ill give you a big red envelope. I wish you well.

Su Sheng always says you are my best friend to Haiyin, but she doesnt want to be friends with Susheng.

The 30-year-old agreement is probably just a joke.

Su Sheng didnt take it seriously, but Haiyin has been looking forward to it.

Unfortunately, this sentence will never come out.

Secret love is a monologue, but also a persons chaos.

On Su Shengs wedding day, Haiyin wrote on her microblog: the secret that I have loved you for many years is finally over at this moment. I want to put you down and start a new life.


You will think of him every day at many times, silently pay attention to him, and secretly investigate all the girls who are close to him. Every message you send him is very careful. Every sentence that he sends back to you will be kept for many times.

Maybe, in this relationship, from the beginning to the end, is your fantasy.

For him, your eyes are red and your mind is heavy.

He is like a thorn in the heart, once touched, it will ache faintly.

But I still hope that you can say love, no matter the result, just to give the serious love of their own an answer.

You know, missing is the easiest thing in the world. If you dont speak, he will never understand.

Point a watching wish you dont have the pain of secret love, and be with the person who really likes it.