Xiong Ling: looking for the power of fear

 Xiong Ling: looking for the power of fear

However, I think that I am from the outside (horror film) caused to me, the brain (subconscious) left an image, so from time to time constitute trouble to me. I dont know how to eliminate these images, or what I should do when they appear, so as to free myself from this fear. Ive seen a therapy that allows him to come into contact with something that frightens him again and overcome that fear. I wanted to see those horror movies again, but I didnt know if it was appropriate to do so? So its up to me to consult you and see if you can help me overcome this fear.

Although I know you are busy, I think I should consult you. Looking forward to your reply! Thank you very much!

Cheng Cheng

Cheng Cheng: Hello!

After reading your letter, I know that your confusion is more timid and fearful than before, and I want to know the solution. I would like to make the following comments:

1. Cheng Chengs understanding of fear shows that fear is a threat to the safety of ancestors lives. Your personal fear comes from the horror images left after watching horror movies when you were a child. Maybe it is. Its not all because so many people watch horror movies from childhood, which has no influence, and the more they watch, the more daring they are. So I think that horror movies are just a meme to you. They induce or stimulate your inner unsafe emotional experience. Your timidity is one of your personality characteristics. Your fear comes from your early fear experience of being scared and coerced in the abandoned environment. I understand that when you were 3-7 years old, your father left you at home alone because he was away from work all the year round, and when he was with his mother, he often worked night shift. You have experienced that lonely, helpless sense of persecution, and the fear of being left behind in your early years, but you dont know it at a young age. Then, under the touch of similar scenes (such as watching horror movies, witnessing thrilling scenes or events) or similar interpersonal relationships (such as separation of relatives or friends, lovelorn, etc.), it is easy to be sensitive to or experience fear repeatedly.

2. According to the above analysis, Chengcheng wants to find a way to deal with fear. From the perspective of demonstration, he can try to watch more horror movies, do more challenging things, or get involved in more risky scenes. Fundamentally, you have to face the further improvement of your personality and train your inner sense of strength. In terms of personality, Chengcheng is too humble, introspective and tolerant, so it is necessary to establish and cultivate the initiative and struggle of personality, learn to refuse, and learn to have normal counterattack response in the face of provocation. To enhance your inner sense of strength, you should not only have intellectual knowledge (which you are super possessed), but also have perceptual knowledge (you are weak in this respect). It is suggested that you take part in more competitive activities and antagonistic sports in order to experience the pleasure of victory, the sense of achievement of winning, the loss of losing, and the aggressive impulse of winning and winning again inspired by loss. Add some bad, strange, I dont care so much about you and other temper and personal behavior, such as occasionally against their own will: do not study, drink! Take the opportunity to express different opinions when there are controversial topics in communication, etc. These training and experience can make you gradually feel that you have a sense of control, a sense of self, a sense of competence to deal with things or opponents.

3. Usually, you can practice inner dialogue (image dialogue). In your heart, imagine several animal images (or your revered character images), such as lion, wolf and elephant. They are the personality parts of your strength, aggressiveness and wisdom. When you see or feel the object that you fear, mobilize them to let the lion image express: I am your power, please think of me when you are helpless; or let the wolf image express: I am your man Sexual aggression is just that you often suppress me and do not use me. I would like to say that when you are afraid, please think of me; or let the elephant image say: I am your wisdom, and I have enough strength to support you to cope with external risks. With this inner dialogue, you will gradually experience a sense of inner strength.

4. Understand the meaning of fear. You ask, whats the way to eliminate the horrible images in your mind? How can I get rid of my fear? I would like to say that the image of the mind is floating and indeterminate, so there is no elimination. You cant get rid of what you think, because the image you want is in the imagination, and you try your best to eliminate it, and it is just an imaginary target you can never pursue. So please dont eliminate it. Its not in reality. What are the images of fear in the self image dialogue? You just have to watch them quietly and see what theyre going to do? Then greet them and comfort them. When you treat them well, and do not repel or resist them, they will not pester you. The fear image is not really terrible, how to eliminate it is not the key, but the idea and attitude you hold to these images is very important, which determines whether the fear image always appears in your mind.

Fear is an emotion that everyone will have. Although fear is not good, it is an inner feeling and an illusion that can not be pursued and eliminated. So if there is any way to release fear, it is to feel it! Experience it! Take it! Fear is a kind of energy. In the early stage of human beings, it was the fear of various dangers and the unknown that led to the evolution and development of human beings. Therefore, from ancient times to the present, conquering the strong enemy and conquering the fear are regarded as heroic actions. To become a hero or a strong man is the collective unconscious complex desire of human beings. Therefore, behind every kind of fear, there is a deep desire for the object of fear. Fear is a symbol of power. Fear means that the fearer restrains a certain desire and warns the fearer to realize a certain wish. For example, Chengcheng, you are afraid of watching horror movies, but you want to watch horror movies. All of these show that you want to have the courage to be fearless of ghosts, gods and demons, and you want to be the strong one who can defeat ghosts, gods and demons.

You dont really have to be a hero or a strong man, but you can choose to be the master who can deal with the devil in your heart. This master means that you have the courage to accept the horror images emerging from your mind, and have the ability to absorb and transform the symbolic energy of terror images.

Miss Xiong Ling